Five Signs of Septic System Problems

Most septic system problems are expensive to repair. You can likely save a lot of money if you notice the problem as soon as possible. There are many signs that you should look out for. Some of these include slow draining, odor, and aquatic weeds. This article will discuss some of the most common signs of septic system problems.

Slow Draining

One of the first signs of septic system problems is slow draining. The fixtures will really drain slowly especially after it has rained. The drains will still drain slowly even if you use drain-clearing products or a plunger. Slow draining can also be caused by a non-vented fixture or a plumbing vent that has become clogged.


One of the most common signs of septic system problems is a foul odor. You will smell odors all around your house. This odor is commonly caused by a plumbing system that is being vented improperly. A foul odor can also be a sign that another part of the septic system is failing.


Another sign that you are having septic system problems is an alarm. Many people are unaware that their septic system may have an alarm. This is usually a flashing red light or a beeping noise in the house. The alarm can also be located somewhere in the yard. Before you move into a new house, make sure you know whether or not the septic system has an alarm.


Aquatic weeds may also be a sign of septic system problems. If you live near a lake or pond, aquatic weeds or algae may accumulate in the water if something goes wrong with your system. This is usually caused by waste filled with nutrients mixing with the surface water. This may also cause health problems.

Green Grass

One of the final signs of septic system problems is green grass over your drainage field. If the grass is green even during dry weather, you likely have a problem. The grass is given nutrients to grow because an excessive amount of liquid is rising from the septic system instead of draining down like normal.

These are some of the common signs of septic system problems. If you notice the drains flushing slowly even if you use a plunger, there is probably something wrong with your system. You may also notice more aquatic weeds than usual in nearby lakes and ponds if your system starts to fail.

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