Five Ways that You Can Tell a Good Contractor from a Bad One

Spring has sprouted and you suddenly realize that your home needs some repairs that only a professional contractor can handle. The problem that many face is being able to tell the difference between a good contractor and a bad one. So what are the signs that you need to look out for when trying to find a contractor?

1. Not available when you call

The first sign is possibly not an obvious one, but if they are not sitting in the office waiting for the phone to ring this is a good thing. It means that they are busy on a job site. Remember that the busier they are the more business they have. If they are busy it usually means that they are good at what they do, and would rather stay focused on the job, and not answer every call. So if you have to leave a message, leave one and just wait for the return phone call.

2. It may take awhile to get to you

Another sign is that it may take them awhile to get to your job. This means that they are going to stay focused on one job at a time. This may mean you have to wait one or two months before they can start work on your job. It may be well worth the wait if they are going to be that focused on your job as well.

3. Very low quotes

When you are searching for a contractor you usually spend time getting as many quotes as possible. You don’t necessarily have to go with the highest quote, but never go with the lowest quote. The lower quote could mean that the contractor does not know what they really need to get the job done, or that they are desperate for the business.

4. Evaluate the job first

The first thing they do is take a look at the job site, where the work is going to be done. This should help them to give you a reasonable estimate after looking at it. A good contractor may be able to give you a quote over the phone, but most will want to look at the size of the job before they decide.

5. A license is a must

Each contractor needs to have a license. Be sure that you check to make sure they have one. A licensed contractor has to go through a thorough background check and other qualifications are also required in order to get the license.

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