Use Hot Sauce, Mint Tea Bags and Cloves to Get Rid of Roaches, Mice and Other Pests

Millions of people are plagued by the likes of icky things like roaches and mice or harmful things like bees. There’s no need to be bothered by these bugs and rodents when you probably have what you need to get rid of them, right in your kitchen.

Mice is one thing that no one wants in their home. They eat your food, chew up everything they come across and use your kitchen for a bathroom. Mice traps might catch some critters but they’re nasty in their own right. Spring-loaded traps are messy and force you to retrieve the dead mouse, and glue traps make you pick up a live mouse and dispose of it. And heaven forbid you use rat poison and wake up a few days later with the smell of a dead one in your walls.

A much easier method of getting rid of the pests is to use oil of peppermint. Mice hate the smell of peppermint so put a few drops anywhere a mouse might visit: behind the stove and fridge, inside cabinets and drawers, and just to be safe, a drop or two in each corner of every room. The oil is not expensive and will keep mice away for long periods of time. Reapply the oil once or twice a year.

Is there anything worse than roaches? They crawl all over everything and leave behind waste and filth. Don’t worry about the pests anymore – use hot sauce to get rid of them. Use a squirt bottle and fill half with hot sauce, half water, and spray where roaches crawl. If you have an extreme case of the bugs, have an extermination then use the hot sauce remedy to keep the bugs from returning. Spray it behind appliances, in cabinets and drawers, in the bathroom and around the perimeter of your home.

Would you like to sit outside without worrying over bees? The solution is simple: place containers with a little soda pop in them, around the yard. The soda must contain sugar for this to work. Simply pour a few tablespoons of pop in empty containers, weight the containers if you wish, then set them on deck, steps, and other places around the yard. The bees and wasps, as well as flies, will swarm to the soda and leave you and your guests alone.

Dry cloves or mint tea bags will help keep those pesky ants away. Place them in areas where you see the bugs and you won’t see them anymore. Mix the tea bags with water and spray decks, sidewalks and ant hills.

Pour boiling water over a couple of sliced lemons, along with the peel, and allow to sit overnight. Place in a spray bottle and squirt on carpets to get rid of fleas. Squirt the mixture on dogs and allow to dry. Spray around beds, in closets, under furniture and other places of interest to fleas. Tear up lemon peels and toss them in closets to keep moths from eating your clothes, too.

While barbecuing, throw some sage or rosemary on the coals and you won’t have mosquitoes pestering you. Use oil of eucalyptus, in a spray bottle, and spray around the table and grilling areas. This will also ward off the biting bugs. Plant lots of marigolds around your house and you’ll also cut down on the amount of flying insects you have. Most of them hate the smell of these beautiful flowers.

Place small sachets of crushed mint in various areas around the house, inside and outside, to cut down on the number of flies you have. To keep flies away from pet dishes place an open container of sweet basil and clove close to the dishes. You can also use eucalyptus oil, on small swatches of cloth, to keep flies away from particular areas.

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