Light Weight Brick Platform Bed

This lightweight brick platform bed is an easy DIY project for anyone out there looking to build their own platform bed on a budget. You can use this simple lightweight brick platform bed in many types of design, plus you do not have to worry about hauling heavy bricks!

Be sure to use screws to assemble your brick platform bed. This way when you move or change out furniture, you can simply take the platform bed apart and reuse the materials.

To Make a Light Weight Brick Platform Bed You Will Need:

Brick sheets

Nail gun or screws



Epoxy glue (optional)

Bed frame (optional)

Now, to build this platform bed to look like bricks I like to keep the bed frame. You know, then plain metal frame most people use to keep their mattresses off the floor. By keeping the metal frame, you will save yourself a ton of time.

Now, have 2X4’s cut to the same length and width as you bed. You will need the two sides and only the foot of the bed, so three pieces.

Now, use those holes already in the side of the metal frame and screw the two by fours to the side of the frame. Sort of like framing out the three sides of the metal frame.

Now, in the home improvement store you will find sheets of fake brick. They are a hideous red, but you can pain them. Prime first, then paint out in any color you want. You can also prime in a grout color, then paint the bricks with sponges to look like a brick color you want for your platform bed.

Now, have sheets of his cut for the three sides of your bed. You want to measure how tall the space eyes from the floor to the top of the two by four, and then house along each side it.

Now, place each piece on the side it was cut for. Use the power drill to pre drill holes, then screw the brick sheeting into place on the platform bed.

Now, I like to use a handheld saw to make small cuts in the tops of t two by fours to make them match the lines of the brick, like they are bricks too. Then paint them to match of course.

You won’t be able to see too much of the e2X4 because of bed linens, but it really looks best to paint it!

Tip: If you do not have holes in the bed frame, then use a product like Tough as Nails to glue the would 2X4’s to the bed frame. Allow this to dry according to the package direction before you attach the brick to the platform bed.

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