Five Ways to Prevent a Hangover

Nobody likes the nausea, headache, and general feeling of misery that accompanies a hangover. But, some nights, we’re so busy enjoying ourselves, we forget the consequences we’ll have to pay the next day.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent a hangover.

Pace yourself.

A person who drinks a certain amount of alcohol really fast is more likely to end up with a hangover the next day than a person who drinks the exact same amount of alcohol more slowly. So, pace yourself. Instead of tossing back two or three mixed drinks in half an hour, spread them out over one or two hours. Not only will you decrease your chances of ending up with a hangover, you’ll probably end up enjoying yourself more.

If you’re going out that night, eat during the day.

If you have a fun evening planned, don’t skip meals that day. Eat. Eat during the day, and eat something filling right before you go out. A full stomach is one of your best defenses against a hangover.

Eat while you drink.

As the saying goes, “Eat, drink, and be merry.” But it’s not unusual to forget the “Eat,” part of that equation when you’re at a party or bar. Drinking on an empty stomach is one way to doom yourself to a hangover. So, snack while you drink. Peanuts. Chips. Buffallo wings. Finger sandwiches. Almost anything that’s handy will help to fill your stomach and prevent a hangover. However, you should avoid sugary snacks in favor of more savory treats.

Drink water between alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol dehydrates your body. That’s why, along with pain and nausea, those suffering from a hangover also feel really thirsty. The more alcohol you drink, the more dehydrated you will become, and the greater your chances of having a hangover the next day. The best way to prevent or reduce this dehydration, and decrease your chances of having a hangover, is to take “water breaks.” For every one or two alcoholic beverages you drink, try to drink a glass of water.

Take a couple of aspirin before you go to bed.

Even if the precautions you took weren’t enough to keep you from getting a hangover (or, during the course of the evening, you sort of forgot the precautions) taking two aspirin before you go to bed will decrease the severity of the hangover you have the next day. Drinking a glass or two of water before going to bed will also help.

Keep these tips in mind, and a night out on the town won’t have to mean suffering through the pain of a hangover the next day.

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