Florida Senate Candidate Katherine Harris Says There is No Separation of Church and State in American History

GOP candidate for US Senate in Florida Katherine Harris-hey, I got her first name right this time – said today that the idea that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state in America is a fallacy and a myth not supported by history or legal precedent.

She also said that not election Christians to power in America is the same thing as legislating sin. I’m not making this up, though I can forgive you for thinking so. Kind of makes George Allen’s “macaca” statement seem almost statesmanlike. Katherine Harris goes on to say that our forefathers never intended to have a nation of secular laws. Since by definition a nation that is not built upon secular laws is a theocracy, Katherine Harris is basically saying the US is and has always been a theocracy

Like most people who share this misguided notion, Katherine Harris is apparently ignorant of the fact that most of the architects of the United States were deists. Deists are Christians who believe that God does not interfere in the lives of human beings. I mean, yes, that’s a simplistic way of stating it, but in effect that’s what it is. In other words, this country was definitely NOT founded by evangelical Christian zealots like Katherine Harris who believes that God personally chooses the rulers of this country.

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