Tell Israel: Back Up Now..

The brash military moves by Israel are pushing world tensions toward wider war, and our stupid President is more than likely to add fuel to the fire when he could pressure them to slow down. What the Israeli army is doing is far beyond the pale of what might be considered a reasonable response. All it will serve to do is inflame the situation once again. Israel is throwing its military might in the face of the region, almost daring other nations to respond. And they well may.

Of course, Israel has the right to defend itself, and to try to rescue its missing soldiers. That doesn’t mean large scale attacks on infrastructure and bombing of civilian targets. The knee-jerk reaction so far is the worst thing that could happen in the region right now. And for the United States to back Israel completely right now would make us complicit in the minds of the world.

Does anyone else find it curious that so many areas of crisis are firing off right now? Could it be that the great hope of the fundamentalist movement everywhere, Mr. Bush, might be in trouble? That the “war” President could find himself with a Congress led by the opposition party? The rapture crowd seems to be almost wetting itself, the excitement is sickening. They think world war centered around Israel is a good idea. And what is dangerous is that our President is one of them.

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