Global Warming: The Mad Dance of Faith

Ideas of altruism, of socialism, communism, environmentalism continue to draw crowds of fanatic believers, despite there being ample historical and empirical evidence that these theories are nonsense and incorporating them will only rive society apart, and definitely not contribute towards improving human life.

‘Reason’ and ‘logic’ are fairly novel ways of judging reality and the art of traversing the thin line of scientific reasoning hasn’t yet seeped fully into the human psyche. Whereas ‘blind faith’ is a way of life as old as humanity itself. Much of human epistemology is a saga of blind faith in supernatural entities or in unreasonably powerful icons. Why? The answer is obvious.

Applying one’s mind to an issue is a difficult feat, it is hard work, so people prefer an easy way out- that of blindly imbibing their ideas from dominant contemporary themes. This leaves them vulnerable to any group of intellectual thugs motivated by aim of creating a brainless society- like the ancient tribes and monarchies, and their modern counterpart, the Soviet Union, Socialist India, fundamentalist Saudi Arabia.

Theories of socialism, communism and environmentalism are all spawns of altruism. Socialism and communism preach that it is right for individual interests to be sacrificed for any so-called collective interests; environmentalism claims that the rights of the polar bear, the wildebeest, the rats, the mosquitoes, fungi and icebergs get precedence over human rights. In either case, it is human individuality that gets sacrificed.

It is for such an evil propose that the leftist intellectuals invented the theory of Global Warming, which in the name of saving the environment and the planet, conspires to destroy every facet of civilization and send us soaring back into another stone age. Anyone who continues to have faith in the bombastic lies of Global Warming activists has to be blind as bat. But isn’t it a fact that many amongst us prefer to live like “intellectually” blind bats rather than as thinking human beings!

Michael Crichton did a fine job in exposing the Global Warming fraud in his book ‘State of Fear’.

In a recent article in Wall Street Journal, Michael has named five books “that question conventional wisdom on environment”. Here is Michael Crichton’s list:

1.”Playing God in Yellowstone” by Alston Chase (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1986).
2. “The Culture Cult” by Roger Sandall (Westview, 2001).
3. “Man and the Natural World” by Keith Thomas (Oxford, 1984).
4. “The Skeptical Environmentalist” by BjÃ?¸rn Lomborg (Cambridge University Press, 2002).
5. “The Logic of Failure” by Dietrich DÃ?¶rner (Perseus, 1998).

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