Fly Fishing is Only a Short Train Ride from NYC’s Penn Station

It is now possible for urban fly fishers to leave the city in the morning and return the same evening while enjoying a day of fly fishing on some of the country’s legendary rivers and streams.

Penn Station or Grand Central is the start of a commuter length train ride that leaves the angler at the doorstep of the Catskills. This makes it easy for today’s busy executive or professional to grab a day in the outdoors, where before the travel arrangements and planning made such a jaunt at least a two day affair causing many anglers to forgo the pleasures and renewed enthusiasm a day fishing can bring.

Fly fishing by train is the idea of Cross Current Guide Service, a fly fishing guide service serving New York and Pennsylvania. Joe Demalderis, owner and also an Orvis Endorsed fly fishing guide came up with the idea after hearing from several clients that it was too bad there wasn’t a train from the city to the rivers. Too often their busy schedules didn’t allow for more than a quick one day visit to the rivers and rail transportation would allow for a convenient and time productive way to do it.

This small remark grew into the idea to meet urban fly fishers at the Middletown, NY or Beacon, NY train station and embark on a fun filled day of fly fishing some of the top trout streams in America. The client is then returned to the train station in the evening for their ride back to the city. One of the nice things about this train ride is that it’s traveling opposite the commuter traffic affording uncrowded travel in both directions.

With convenient travel, great trout fishing, and a top rated fishing guide service, there is little reason left for the urban fly fisherman not to escape at least once during the May through mid October fishing season.

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