Guide to Killington, Vermont: A Resort Destination with Skiing, Golfing, Hiking and More

Where do you go when you want to find yourself within a winter wonderland that can be enjoyed for the majority of the year? When you visit Killington, Vermont, you will encounter one of the largest ski areas throughout the United States. It is here where you will find the longest ski and snowboard season within the eastern North America region, providing an annual snowfall of 250 inches. Killington can be found in the southern region of Central Vermont, providing easy access to the second largest city within the state, Rutland. Some consider Killington to be a resort area, providing many activities during all four seasons. There is something for everyone, whether a guest wishes to golf, ski, shop or attend an entertaining local festival.

A convenient feature regarding this ski resort getaway is that it is one of the few skiing areas in Vermont that can be reached by Amtrak, Interstate Bus Service, as well as a local shuttle and Continental Airline flight. When touring the area, you will notice that the majority of businesses can be found on Killington Road, also known as the Killington Access Road, which is a mountain road leading to the Killington Resort.

When you are interested in buying property in the Killington Grand area, you should know that the area serves as home to a small population of about 1,200 inhabitants. There are many opportunities to purchase a piece of property tucked away amidst the backdrop of inviting, majestic mountains. Those who are interested in investing in real estate will be able to rent out their property to the masses that flock to this resort city in search of relaxation and fun. There are many advantages to owning a piece of this heavenly year-round adventure. The location of Killington offers a variety of easily accessible activities, located close to your home. There are also many selections that accommodate an array of budgets, including quarter-, half- and full-ownership options.

One of the main attractions drawing visitors to the area is skiing. An early season ski and stay package can be purchased for as little as $57 per person, per night. But wait, there are other things that attract tourists to Killington. There are two PGA golf courses that can be found at the Killington Golf Resort, which are open from mid-May until Columbus Day. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy a few holes, but don’t exactly know how to play, you could take advantage of the Mountain Golf School at Killington. This is the perfect place for beginning golfers, mid- and low-handicappers. There are two- and three-day golf school packages available. PGA professional, private assistance appointments are available for $60/hour.

Skiing and golf aren’t the only things to keep you busy throughout the city. You could choose to visit the Pico Adventure Center, which can be located about seven miles away from the Killington Grand Resort Hotel. Here you will find a two-track Alpine Slide, climbing wall, as well as The Bungee Thing. The Killington Adventure Center, which opens for the season on the 4th of July weekend; offers hiking, mountain biking, water slides, as well as a skate park.

Killington is a complete city for families. There are plenty of activities that adults and children alike can enjoy. Children can indulge in some of the programs available to them, such as indoor games and skiing. Between late November to early April, the Ranshead Lodge offers snow-learning games for 2-3-year-olds; full-day skiing and snowboarding for 7-12-year-olds, as well as teen programs featuring snowboarding, skiing and snowblading.

Want to take a break from the great outdoors? You could catch an entertaining performance at Rutland’s Paramount Theater, which is open year-round. Rutland, which is only a few miles west from Killington, also offers Merchant Row, which is filled with gourmet coffee shops, pizzerias, gift shops and bookstores. If you are in need of a relaxing day, there are spa and health club outlets at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel, where guests can enjoy Swedish or deep tissue massage therapy. The possibilities are endless when considering the Killington experience.

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