For Child’s Sake…Men Just Act Right!

Most men want to do right by their children. Most men do not intentionally neglect their children. So, why do some men act the way they do towards their children? In most cases its because the man cannot get along with the mother or at least compromise. But, that’s not an excuse. It’s not. I side with the woman. Just because a man cannot get along with the mother of their child does not mean a man should not bare the responsibility of providing for and raising a child.

There is no sure way to get a person to act right, but you cannot let the man deter you from your future and your goals. I know it’s easy to say, but it’s the truth. The father of your child knows how to push your buttons and make you do things that is out of your character. If you allow yourself to be affected by the actions of your child father then you will lose yourself. Instead continue to progress, continue to do the right thing, and continue to provide security for your children.

Life is about choices and making the right choice is hard to do when it comes to finding love, because a person actions are usually different and more positive in the beginning. Towards the end of a relationship is usually when a persons true colors are revealed. I’m sure most single mothers are blind-sighted when bearing the child of their lover or boyfriend. Most soon-to-be mothers believe that the father of their child is the man of their dreams and that the man will continue to be in their life as well as the child’s life. The truth is, this is the intent of most men, but reality tells a different story. The responsibility and stability it takes to raise a child is overwhelming for most people, but only a few are able to actually handle the blessing.

Of course, ideally a man and woman should not start a family or indulge in sexual intercourse until they have tied the knot and became a married couple. In today’s society this is not the common course of action. If you are not already a parent then it is strongly advised that you wait until the day comes when you are married to begin having children. Raising a child is not an easy task and raising a child as a single parent is even harder.

In my opinion child support is a lost cause. Child support does less than half the job it takes to nurture a child. Money is not the determining factor of what makes a father. A father’s presence is needed just as much as a father’s paycheck. I know you heard it all before, but it is a raw fact.

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