Four Disadvantages of Aluminum Ladders

If you’re thinking about buying a ladder, you will usually have to choose between wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Aluminum ladders have a few disadvantages when compared to the other types. Some of these advantages are that they conduct heat and electricity, are weaker, and usually have hollow rungs. This article will discuss some of the disadvantages of aluminum ladders when compared to other types.


The first disadvantage of aluminum ladders is that they conduct electricity. It is a huge risk to use these ladders by power lines. Wood and fiberglass usually don’t conduct electricity. However, these ladders will conduct electricity over their surface when they are covered in water. In addition to conducting electricity, these ladders also conduct heat.


Aluminum ladders will resist flames, so they won’t burn like wood ladders. However, these ladders conduct heat throughout the ladder. When aluminum ladders are exposed to high temperatures, they will lose most of their strength. The heat throughout the ladder may also make it difficult for you to use the ladder comfortably. Wood and fiberglass ladders don’t weaken when exposed to intense heat. While these ladders can lose their strength while in use, they can also be manufactured with inferior strength.


Another disadvantage of aluminum ladders is their strength. Ladders made of fiberglass are more uniform and will have more strength. Most manufacturers of aluminum ladders use different grades of aluminum. The inferior grades will produce a relatively weak ladder that could bend if it comes under too much pressure. Besides being manufactured with weaker strength, these ladders also have rungs that are inferior to those used for wood ladders.


One of the final disadvantages of aluminum ladders is their rungs. These ladders usually have hollow rungs. Since they aren’t solid, they are easier to damage. Wood ladders usually have rungs that are made of solid wood. Since the rungs are solid, they are more difficult to damage than the rungs that are used on other types of ladders.

These are some of the disadvantages of aluminum ladders. Unlike wood and fiberglass ladders, those made from aluminum will conduct electricity, so you should never use them around power lines. Aluminum ladders will also conduct heat, which can cause the ladder to lose most of its strength. You should also know that these ladders usually have hollow rungs that are much easier to damage that the solid rungs used for wood ladders.

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