Four Gaming Accessories from Each Side of the Console War

There’s no denying the tension between the Xbox One and Playstation 4 releasing soon. With these two powerhouse consoles coming to stores, many people will make their decision based on what accessories are available to enhance the experience, and this guide should help balance the decision.

Xbox One

Wireless Controller: $59.99
With a new console comes a new controller, and with a new controller comes changes. A different handle contour, slimmer battery pack, and a plus-shaped directional pad are some slight changes, but the controller remains mostly the same.

Microsoft- Play and Charge Kit for Xbox One: $24.99
Controllers devour batteries, and so a play and charge kit is almost essential for any extended period of gaming. With a USB cable and indicator light, it’s a quick and easy way to charge your controllers.

PDP-Kinect Sensor Kit for Xbox One: $19.99
Anybody wanting to use the Xbox’s hands free Kinect feature will need a sensor kit. The kit includes a privacy cover that will protect you from the RGB and IR cameras.

Turtle Beach- Ear Force XO Four Gaming Headset for Xbox One: $99.99
Headsets are a popular choice particularity among gamers who enjoy first person shooters. This headset falls in the medium price range between a more expensive set from Turtle Beach and a cheaper gaming set.

Playstation 4

Sony- DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller for Playstation 4: $59.99
The Playstation crew rolled out a new controller for their new system, and quite a few tweaks have taken place. One of these are the new socially focused share button, multi-colored light bar, outward curving triggers, a two point touch pad, audio integration, redesigned analog sticks, bigger directional pad, digital face buttons, and added grip are the changes from the previous controller installment.

Sony- Playstation 4 Camera: $59.99
This camera allows for face and voice recognition, and can track your position in the room, making for an interactive gaming experience.

PDP- Energizer 2X Charging System for Playstation 4: $29.99
Again, controllers take a lot of heat during a gaming spree, and a solid charging station will help to prepare them for all the button mashing you can manage.

Turtle Beach- Ear Force P4C Chat Communicator Gaming Headset for Playstation 4: $24.99
Put your voice out there with a PS4 gaming headset option from Turtle Beach that falls at a reasonable price.

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