Fox TV Show Host Sean Hannity: Let’s Not Talk About that

My article about Sean Hannity’s cluelessness was harsh, I’ll admit that. But I’ll also admit that I still find him as intolerable as a toddler demanding he won’t eat his brussel-sprouts. I will admit to bashing him, if he admits to bashing people who don’t agree with him. If there’s anything I learned from writing that piece, it’s that I should have been less hateful/harsh and included solid examples of how he is one-sided and frivolous.

So, instead of bashing him and stating why I don’t like him, I will provide one big example; and with my personal feelings aside (for the most part) you, the reader will have an easier time deciding for yourself how you feel, rather than agreeing or disagreeing with me.

First I’ll go back to an earlier example; the one where the caller named John reached the airwaves asking Sean why “you refuse to talk about the Bohemian Grove” and why our political, financial and media icons hang out there and partake in satanically inspired rituals such as the “Cremation of Care”. The caller was poignant, asked Sean his question very clearly, then asked it again while Sean said nothing. Then, after a short pause Sean fired back, “Good bye”, again “Good bye”. My question is: Why should there be a problem with this question? I thought Sean wanted to tackle the facts? Why would he dismiss this caller so abruptly? I know, I know…get to the point, right? My point in raising this question is that Sean blatantly denied the voice of someone with an important question because the implications of the answer to that question would put Sean’s ideologies in jeopardy.

If Sean would have opened the door to that caller and allosed the conversation of the Bohemian Grove to ensue, the truth behind it would have hurt Sean’s reputation. Why would anyone who believes in the direction of our government so strongly want to let the public know that many of our former and current politicians are part of a secret society that regularly meets in a druidic setting with other extremely rich and resourceful individuals where they sacrifice a human effigy to a giant stone owl (among other pagan rituals)? For the record, let me provide you with a short list of Bohemian Club members: George Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Herbert Hoover, Colin Powell, William Casey, David Gergen, etc.

I think a better question is: Why would anyone not want to know these things? Why does Sean say “Good bye” instead of investigating the matter? Is he an un-investigative reporter? On the other hand, if I called Sean and wanted to talk about Tom Delay and the service he has provided to this country, I’m sure he would let me speak.

I’ll ask another question: Where do we get if we never ask questions? By Hannity’s refusal to ask such questions, we are subjected to a lesser truth; one where people are allowed to go on hurting each other because no one is asking why. No one asks why the most influential people in the world are hanging out in the woods together burning fake humans and dressing up in robes.

I guess what I really want to say is: don’t let me “incite” you to be mad at me. I shouldn’t have bashed Sean, that’s true but I’m not going to sit here and let him lie by omission because that’s exactly what he’s doing. He has a public voice and it should be used to enlighten, not subdue intellectual thought. His public position should be used to ask questions, not hinder them.

So now, with Hannity’s refusal to explore this serious matter, his listeners are forced to digest topics of his choosing which are very likely topics of his audience’s choosing. I’ll throw in a sentence from the previous article as it has an utmost relevance here, “Both sides (Dem/Rep) are wasting their time with rhetoric that neither advances the intellectual dialogue of this country’s issues, nor uses any valid examples from history to conclude what to do about the future.” Are we living in a world where people hear what they want, where media is controlled by subjectivity and bias? I’m afraid so.

So, I’ve got two things to close with: 1) You’ll never find me censoring voices or topics of a serious nature and 2) I won’t resort to name-calling and mud-slinging to fill the void of discussion created by omitting the dialogue of certain issues. You will however, find both of these shortcomings by listening to Sean Hannity.

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