‘Foyle’s War’ to Return with an Eighth Season

Deadline Hollywood reports that “Foyle’s War,” the long running series about a British police detective during and after World War II, has been green lighted for an eighth season, to be broadcast in Britain in 2015.

The series, which started in 2002, was set in the town of Hastings, with the first season set in 1940 at the height of the Nazi blitz. Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, of the Hastings Police, having been denied a transfer to the military, sets about dealing with crime in Southern England while the world is engulfed in the greatest conflagration in history. Many of the crimes Foyle has to deal with are the sort that any police officer has to deal with. But some involved war time espionage, black marketeering, and the sort of trouble that arises when millions of young men from America find themselves suddenly in a foreign country, getting ready for the invasion of Europe.

Foyle is aided in his efforts by Sam, his female military driver, as well as various subordinates at the Hastings Police. Like many television detectives, Foyle is methodical and honest, but also constantly underestimated by his criminal quarry.

The World War II episodes of “Foyle’s War” lasted for six seasons and ended with VJ day and Foyle’s retirement from the police.

However the series proved to be so popular on both sides of the Atlantic that it was brought back, with Foyle being recalled to intelligence work and the “war” now being the Cold War. Season eight will continue that theme as well as picking up after the carnage of the world war.

“The new season will explore powerful American and German industrialists, the latter from the chemical giant I G Farben, accused of fuelling Hitler’s War Machine, and reflect on the tangled web of promises to the Jews to create a state of Israel in British Palestine.”

Episodes of “Foyle’s War” have run on PBS’s “Mystery” series. There is no word yet when Season Eight will run.

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