Free America

There was a time in this great nation when nearly eveyone living in it worked for themselves, owned their own business or produced their own trade goods; now almost everyone works for someone else, primarily one of the major corporations or franchises that have become the backbone of our deteriorating economy.I know, some of you are at this very moment shaking your heads and wondering just how anyone could claim that our economy is cancered. Before you click away, just take a few moments to hear me out and give this American an opportunity to enlighten you on his point of view.

One has to keep in mind that people detest responsibility, individuals and orginazations will shirk it whenever they find it convenient to do so. They do however enjoy buying things for themselves and on the occasion other people, especially when it benefits them to do so, otherwise we will hang onto our dollars until we have a good reason to let them go. We like to have nice things and we want them to look nice, form over functionality. SUV’s guzzles gasoline faster than “The Fox” drinks beer; but man they really look sharp. When you were a teenager which car did you want? Was it the sleek new sports car or the fuel efficient compact?

So now you are in the local mall’s parking lot with your pretty car and as you are backing up, another fellow trys to pull into that spot, for whatever reason he did not see you… probably because of all the SUV’s you parked between and now you have a sizeable dent in your rear fender. It’s ugly – but the fender did what it is supposed to do and absorb the shock of the impact leaving you completely unscathed. You were in the right of way, now you have a choice to make. Accept the fact that your vehicle is still totally functional and go on your way, or make sure that this butthole pays to make your car pretty again. I can tell you the choice that most people would make.

Who does vehicle insurance benefit? Everyone right? Actually it benefits the insurance companies, they make millions and millions of dollars and pay out only fractions of that amount for claims. The best part? They have the full backing of local authorities to keep you paying because if you don’t your going to the clink.

Speaking of the clink, did you know that the nations prisons1 at last count are filling at a rate of 932 inmates per week? At that rate we would have an increase of over 44,000 Americans in jail by the end of the year-more than the population of an average US town. We have the highest rate of incarceration in the world…but why? Is it because Americans are dangerous people? Perhaps it is not that more people are breaking laws; maybe there are just more laws to break.

Benjamin Frankiln once said “He who would trade even one freedom for security deserves neither freedom nor security.”
We have in our own nation created a police state to keep us safe and secure and all the while trading away personal freedoms, freedoms that were designed to insure that individuals…not government…hold power. Certainly one can agree that murder, rape and theft are crimes, but is failing to keep insurance a crime worth incarcerating someone for?

Is it wise to enforce morality through law? Recently our attorney general created a task force on pornography even the task force is cyncial of it’s purpose. No one can argue that laws against pornography are purely moral as there has not yet been found a causal link bewteen adult materials and rape. In fact, it is believed it is as worst a symptom.

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