Panasonic 1.2 Cu. Ft. Inverter Microwave Oven Breaks Down

Imagine going from a 800 watt microwave to 1300 watt microwave. Food cooks more even and faster. Great for those who often times are eating a TV dinner or heating up leftovers. I had purchased a Panasonic 1.2 cu. ft. Inverter Microwave Oven. I was excited! The first item I had the microwave cook was popcorn. It had a conveniently popcorn button that claim to make perfect popcorn. I watched it carefully and it had 2 full minutes left before I had to stop it. It was beginning to burn and there was no way I was going to wait any longer to pull the popcorn out. I had decided from now on to not use the popcorn button. The next item I used was to make some tea. I used the quick minute button and it did alright. It has 10 power levels for cooking. When I was heating up frozen potato it was evenly cooked, something I had had trouble before with other microwaves.

You can’t see your food as it’s in the microwave. Why? Because there’s no light when the microwave is in use. Only when you open the microwave can you see the food. Seems silly since you can’t tell if your food is bubbling over or not. As time went on my food was okay, as long as I kept my eye on it. Until 3 months into having the microwave something bad started to happen. I was heating up some food for dinner when the microwave stopped in mid heating up of the one minute it was supposed to be in there for. Confused I cleared the time and put it on again for the quick minute button. It stopped once again. I removed the food and realized that it was heated at all. I unplugged it and the next day hoped it would be okay. But it wasn’t. It had some weird smell and it wouldn’t heat anything for any amount of time.

Since I was under warranty I called Panasonic customer service line and they told me a place to get it fixed for free. I was told to bring it to them. I waited a week, then 2 weeks and was told that it was a major problem. When I went into the store just to browse other microwaves a sales women told me that others who had bought the same Panasonic microwave had the same problem with theirs. I later found out that many all over had to get their fixed. I was relieved it wasn’t something I had done. Overall I wasn’t happy with this product. Not only because it’s missing some elements but because they knew in the store the product had a problem to begin with and still sold the item which resulted in customers having to get fixed in less than half a year. Hopefully Panasonic has fixed their microwaves for the future but I think for now I’ll stick to another brand. This product costs around $75.00 give or take.

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