Free Kitchen Hardware You Didn’t Know You Had

Free kitchen hardware is a home owner’s dream. Well, inadvertently we all have material laying around the house that could easily be used a free kitchen hardware. I hope some of these ideas work for you. Each of the materials for the free kitchen hardware is inexpensive, so even if you end up buying something, it should not cost too much!

Free Kitchen Hardware Idea #1

So, this first idea for free drawer pulls is a little unusual, but definitely easy! I have tons of old wire coat hangers in my closet. I am sure a lot of people out there do. To make these free drawer pulls measure how far apart the holes are on your kitchen cabinet or measure where you are going to drill them.

Now, cut your wire coat hangers out to three times this length. Hopeful you can get this son the bottom straight line, you do not wan the bended areas. This will help you get a better looking finished product.

Now, simply slip one end of the coat hanger in one hole and the other in the other side of the kitchen drawer or cabinet. Inside the cabinet or drawer you can twist the ends together to hold them in place.

Ok, so I know you probably think yuck! With the right embellishments though, this can be a great look piece for free kitchen cabinet hardware. S, try adding some glass beads on the front. Very easy to do and you can get a custom look. You can also try braiding three wires together to make a more substantial handle for your kitchen cabinets. What ever embellishments you add be sure to leave enough slack so you hand can reach in!

Free Kitchen Hardware Idea #2

So, if you have an old broom, mop, or even shovel you don’t use that has a wooden handle you can easily make some unusual and vintage looking free kitchen cabinet hardware.

Simply trim the wood handles down so they are a little bit wider than the holes in you kitchen cabinets. Mark where the hole match up on the wooden handles. Now, pre drill some small holes. Screw one screw in through each hole from inside of the kitchen cabinet into the wood handle! Very easy.

Again, this is a fun option, but you should sand down the rough edges and paint them out to match as well! You can get really creative and create some fun, industrial, and vintage looking kitchen hardware for free!

For a more industrial free kitchen cabinet hardware try cutting the wood handles out to about as long as your drawer or Kichen cabinet! You can mimic the look of those expensive stainless steel industrial kitchen cabinet hardware you see all the time.

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