Free Online Study Courses at Barnes and Noble

Study courses with experts, such as real-life writers and teachers, is going to be costly, right? Not necessarily. Barnes and Noble is now offering free courses at their site. That’s right – liberal arts courses, life improvement courses – even CD-Rom courses and online reading groups are offered with no cost at the famous book store.

Want to further study the Bible? Care to know more about being Jewish in today’s world? Maybe your interests fall more in the film noir categories? You’ll find study courses in those subjects and more at the Barnes and Noble University, yet pay nothing for the courses. Take one course or take many – at no cost.

Learn beginner’s German, become a better writer, immerse yourself in the art of the opera, or get involved in poetry courses. Learn more about the Constitution, Shakespeare, or even Dungeons and Dragons. With the study courses at Barnes and Noble you’ll have many topics from which to choose, and when finished with one course, simply sign up for another.

If self improvement is your desire, you can learn beginner’s computer programming, business etiquette, caring for your PC, managing money, cooking, organizing, scrap booking, tarot, gardening, yoga, and much more. Each study course lasts about 4 weeks.

Barnes and Noble is even offering some courses on CD-Rom as well. With CD-Rom, you can work at your own pace and you won’t need an internet connection. Although there aren’t a lot of selections in the CD-Rom department, you can get some titles including Trump On The Go, and some foreign languages.

To get started just go to Barnes and Noble and register, if you haven’t already. Choose the course you want to take. The classroom is actually a discussion board that can be accessed at any time. The instructors use the interactive board to post lessons and answer questions. You can read the questions others ask and see the expert answers they receive in return. Post your own questions, theories or thoughts on the subject matter, too.

Consider yourself an expert in a particular category? Apply to become one of the study course teachers. You can choose from several topics and many sub-topics and the application is very simple. If you don’t see a course that you’re qualified for teaching, you can recommend one, too.

Education is costly but Barnes and Noble makes it easy to study new subjects without traveling to and from school, spending endless hours pouring over books, or investing hundreds of dollars to take a course or two. There long list of courses offers something for everyone and with the 4 week instructional stint, you won’t wrap up countless hours trying to get through it. And since they offer free CD-Rom courses, there’s no excuses for not furthering your education – for free!

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