Free Online Surveys

You may have seen plenty of ads for free online surveys around the web. These advertisements are everywhere. Why do companies want to give you a survey?

The Benefit of Free Online Surveys

Companies use surveys to get an idea of what customers really want. In order to provide the best products, they want to know what the customers buy, why they buy it and so on. For example, a soap company will want to know which scents a customer may prefer. Do customers like vanilla or peach better? In this case, a company may be able to improve a product line or provide new product line based on results from a survey.

A customer benefits by the creation of better products. Don’t believe that your word counts in a business? Try asking a real business owner about it. Any one of them will admit that the wish they could fulfill your desires, and provide whatever product you are really looking for. If a free online survey will help in getting to know more about what you want, they will try it.

Why a Free Online Survey?

With the Internet, free online surveys are just a faster way of getting information, especially if most of the customers are online.

This is similar to a company starting a focus group. The differences may be that a focus group usually has a product in front of them to touch and see and try out. A focus group would ask questions about the specific product. Free online surveys may ask questions about a variety of things, but the client may not actually have tried the product at all.

In a free online survey, a customer or potential customer may review a product or a website. The survey may be about the advertising, the customer service, the product or a number of other things. The company will want to know all of what a customer may be feeling, whether it is good or bad.

The Good and Bad Reviews of Free Online Surveys

When companies ask for an opinion, they really want an honest answer. If the customer does not like the product, the company does not want the customer to lie and say that they did like it anyways. Having all good reviews does not help the company or the customers.

If everyone gave good reviews, the products would not change. The company would not know anything was wrong. If the product does not work right and no one complained, the company would soon lose money without any form of heads up and no idea what was wrong. Was it the advertising? The color? The flavor?

Free online surveys also let companies get to know what customers are really looking for. What would be the ideal product? If you could buy anything, what would it be? Companies want to know.

Finding Free Online Surveys

You can find free online surveys to take at any company. Places like or even will have special areas where you can give your opinion and they will occasionally offer a free survey.

Customers benefit highly from these surveys by being able to express their opinion. Some companies may offer incentives like points, freebies or even money in appreciation for your time.

So do not skip a survey if you are asked to take one. Your opinion helps improve products and services. Never be afraid to give your honest opinion on a product. You will not hurt anyone’s feelings. You will only improve the quality of products and companies do want to know how they can make you, the customer, happy.

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