Funny Gifts for Adults

The older you get, the more that gift giving becomes more of a sport than actually meaning something. The person that can give the most unique and funny gift is usually going to be the one that is going to be asked to play rounds of golf and go to cocktail parties. That’s why as an adult, your ability to pick a gift that is going to keep your friends in stitches and talking about for days after will make your life that much more fun. When picking a funny gift for friends or family, check out for some wacky and zany stuff that will be sure to lighten anybody’s mood.

For those liberal tree-hugging friends of yours, give the Global Warming Vanishing Land Mug. This unique item has a map of the world emblazoned on the side. Pour any hot liquid into it and watch as the effects of global warming take their course. The map of the world slowly gets swallowed as the water spreads over all of the land. This is a great gift for those of your friends who are in saving the environment. Or for those who just like to drink coffee. This particular mug comes in a coo collector’s box and costs $11.99.

If you have a friend that is always harping to you about how LP’s are so much better than CD’s, than the coaster set made from classic rock albums will surely make his heart skip a beat. Made from real vinyl LP’s, each coaster has been waterproofed so that you can place any beverage on it without it getting ruined. The vintage labels of Tom Petty, Jefferson Airplane and Traffic are some of the names that adorn these classic items. The bottoms are coated with cork so that they don’t slip around. Each batch comes in a set of 4 random LP’s, so if you really want that Kiss album as a coaster, you might have to do it yourself. The coasters cost $21.99, so get them early and surprise your musical snob friend with a gift that will keep him quiet for a while.

The best funny gift of all-time has to be the grow your own 6-pack kit. That’s right. Grow your own six-pack. Now, in all likelihood, there will be no growing of a six-pack, but imagine the look on one of your beer drinking buddies face when you hand him the instruction booklet on how to grow a sic-pack of cans right in his own backyard. Each kit comes with the aforementioned instruction booklet, six “seed tabs,” a plastic holder, and a warning sign. Just tell your buddy to find a suitable patch of soil and wait. He might be waiting for a while. There is no guarantee that the “seed tabs,” (actually tabs from cans) will grow at all. However, at only $2.99, this will surely bring a few chuckles to those who are always begging you to buy the next round.

Most adults have a great sense of humor, so check out for some gifts that will definitely make you the talk of the town amongst your friends. A funny gift is a great way to keep the excitement going in your life and liven up your friendships.

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