Game Review: Saints Row on Xbox 360: More Than Just a GTA Rip-Off!

With the introduction of Xbox 360 during the 2005 holiday season, PlayStation 2 faced some pretty stiff competition. Once again, Xbox 360 is in the spotlight as the highly anticipated Saints Row game hit the stores on August 29, 2006. This game is currently available only through the Xbox platform. Since its release, eager fans and popular gaming sites have rushed to get cheats, trailers, and detailed info readily available for the masses.

Both critics and skeptics alike have labeled Saints Row a mere rip-off of the popular game, Grand Theft Auto (GTA). However, many avid gamers and enthused reviewers disagree. Although the game does have some of the same qualities and appeal of GTA, it is definitely a step up. If you loved Grand Theft Auto, expect to thoroughly enjoy Saints Row!

Graphically, you can look forward to sharper and more life-like characters and scenery. In addition, your character is highly customizable – everything from the hair and weight to tattoos and facial structure, you’ll enjoy a flexible character that can be created before or during game play. Even the wardrobe is modern and updated; rich colors and realistic textures can be expected. You will be able to choose from casual street wear to full, top-to-bottom pimp attire. Of course, you’ll have to earn some money before you can go shopping, or at least find a cheat to get some quick cash.

To earn money, respect, and power, you’ll have to complete missions, commit some felonies, and cause some havoc. With Saints row, a story unfolds during game play and missions, just enough to make it more interesting, compared to aimlessly driving around and creating mayhem at will. Certain missions will lead you to money, while others will help you gain respect within your community. Still, some will serve both purposes. Unlike Grand Theft Auto, you’ll do more than just drive. Sure, if you want, you can drive your heart out – you can enjoy a much smoother ride, better car selection and customization, and intricately designed cities and highways. But you’ll find it hard to just drive around when there is so much more to do!

In addition, you can enjoy a very interactive gaming experience with Saints Row. The benefit of being an Xbox 360 game is that you can interact with other gamers. Create gangs and play with friends, as a team or individual. In fact, multiplayer game play is a major quality that Grand Theft Auto lacked. After all, isn’t it fun to run around blowing up fellow players and enjoying live talk at the same time?

And now we get to the fun part – cheats. Suffice it to say, there isn’t necessarily a shortage of cheats. Just type in “Saints Row Xbox cheats” into your favorite search engine and you’ll be blessed with a nice list of sites which offer cheats for this game. Popular sites like and has an array of cheats you can try at your leisure. There are cheats available for nearly every aspect of the game. You’ll find helpful cheats to complete difficult or tedious missions, as well as cheats for owning more cars, building up your bankroll instantly, and getting some new threads without paying a dime. Although it isn’t necessarily a cheat, you can also find a list of phone numbers on various gamer sites that can be dialed from your virtual Blackberry phone. You can call for an ambulance or taxi, and even reach the suicide hotline!

If you’re looking for a truly multifaceted game that lends excitement, interactivity, and enhanced, customizable game play, Saints Row is definitely worth a try. There is so much to do and see, it’ll be hard to run out of things to do, even after you “beat” the game. Like all games, however, there are a few downfalls and problems that need to be worked out. Still, the benefits and features of this game certainly outweigh the drawbacks. You’ll be hard-pressed to put the game down once you get it in your hands!

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