Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets are becoming increasingly popular, and as the demand for garage cabinetry increases, so do the options for garage storage. These days you will find numerous types of cabinets designed especially for the garage, and they are available in all price ranges. From the do-it-yourself variety found in home improvement stores to complete interchangeable storage units installed by professionals, you will find many different options intended particularly for a garage.

If you want the most affordable and functional cabinetry for your garage, consider recycling used kitchen storage units. Recycled kitchen cabinetry is perfect for use in a garage since they are sturdy and they can be painted and transformed into useful open or closed storage units. Recycling old kitchen cabinets for the garage is a fantastic way to reuse good cabinetry that might otherwise end up in a landfill, and you will save a significant amount of money in the process.

Locating Used Cabinetry

Make friends, relatives, and coworkers aware that you are interested in locating used kitchen cabinets for the garage. Someone might know of someone who plans to invest in new kitchen cabinetry in the near future. If you are willing to wait, this is a good way to obtain old kitchen cabinets for little to nothing.

You might also consider placing an ad in a local newspaper or on public bulletin boards, asking for reasonably priced used cabinetry. More than likely, someone remodeling their kitchen will be happy to get rid of their old cabinets. For the price of an ad, you might even obtain cabinetry for free if you are willing to haul it away along with any other construction debris.

Contact home restoration companies, and ask if they are willing to sell used cabinets left over from remodeling jobs. Leave your name and contact information with several different companies and you are sure to locate at least one set of used kitchen cabinets that will be perfect for your garage.


Cabinets manufactured before 1978 could pose a serious danger caused by lead-based paint. Instead of sanding old kitchen cabinets if you choose to refinish them, strip the cabinets with liquid paint stripper, and take every precaution to avoid coming in contact with toxic lead-based paint particles. Follow product label instructions for specific recommendations regarding lead-based paint.

Hanging Cabinets

If you prefer open cabinets in your garage, remove the hinges and doors before hanging them. Open shelves come in handy for storing workshop tools, car care products, and miscellaneous garage items within easy reach. Leave the doors in place, and attach hasps and locks to secure products that could pose a danger to children and pets.

Keep in mind that you can install cabinets in any position desired in your garage instead of just side-by-side. Stack garage cabinetry to suit your needs, securely fasten the sides together, and secure them to wall studs with three-inch cabinet screws. Make sure to attach them with several screws so they are able to support heavy items typically found in a garage. You will save a significant amount of money while creating much needed storage space in your garage.

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