GarageBand is Changing Music, One Punk at a Time

GarageBand is a program, developed by Macintosh, which allows you to record music from the comfort of your own home. Most new Macs come with the latest version of GarageBand but the software can also be downloaded online (the older versions can be picked up for free, and the newest ones can be purchased for varying prices). This revolutionary software allows the most fledgling musician to enter the “studio” and create music. If you are in a small time band or just some older guy who likes to write songs (in his mom’s basement at 3 AM) then you need to try out GarageBand.

In the 21st century, a lot of things have changed. One of the most ever-changing and drastic things is the way we process, create and acquire media. For instance, the way we exchange music has forever been altered. With the advent of home recording programs like GarageBand and networking sites like MySpace, consumers can completely bypass the traditional methods of receiving popular music; they can even bypass the entire consumer structure initiated by the recording industry that used to dictate the way we processed sound.

If one so chose, they would never have to watch MTV or listen to the radio again. They could acquire and make 100% of the music that they listened. Now I realize 100% is a little unrealistic. We’re all going to be effected my popular trends whether we like it or not, it happens by accident. And I’m not saying that all (traditional) media outlets are bad. There are plenty of fantastically original programs out there (Subterranean on MTV2 airs late Sunday night in the vein of the long forgotten show 120 Minutes). However, there is a newly progressing movement based on the internet that is slowly altering how music is created and distributed; GarageBand is at the forefront. It is, for the most part, a non commercial venture and it’s happening one indie punk at a time

Johnny Guitar in Indiana can create a tune using his Fender, his voice and GarageBand, post in on the web and (almost) instantaneously Wendy Wurlitzer in Florida has a new favorite singer. GarageBand is intensely easy to use. It comes with a host of options that cater to the novice as well as the aficionado. GarageBand allows you to create high quality digital music in a matter of hours. Some skeptics say that this format takes away from the traditional analog sound of recorded music, that is to say it cheapens the art form of rock n’ roll. But in the realm of punk rock and so-called indie music, I don’t believe there has been a better development.

GarageBand allows the beginning songwriter or teenage band to create their music for little or no cost. Artists can now exchange music for free, around the globe. I for one believe that if a band is good enough, they will be discovered eventually (if that’s what they want). So the lack of a commercial gain from the use of GarageBand is of no real consequence. Without sounding cheesy, you have to make music for the love and not the promise of riches. Most of the great musicians adhere to this principal at least 55% of the time.

And for those lovers of music who are not famous (and not rich), there is no better resource than GarageBand. GarageBand allows you to do so many things. They offer there own digital instruments as well as a slew of drum machines and pre-made beats. Someone with no musical experience could tinker with GarageBand and come up with a halfway listenable song. It is easy to edit your music and GarageBand comes complete with a ton of effects (simulations of expensive pedals). The results will astound you.

Whether you just want to try your hand at songwriting or you’re an established musician who wants to hone his tunes for a demo or an album, GarageBand is the software you’ve been looking for. It’s that simple.

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