Gearing Up for Battle

The new DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) Texas Clean Air Plan has been the source of contention among environmentalists and legislators.

“This plan will have a direct effect on the health of hundreds of thousands of DFW residents,” said a Downwinders At Risk rep. “It looks as if the battle over cracking down on the cement plants will be between the state and industry on one side and Downwinders, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and local officials on the other.”

The organization aims to reduce toxic air pollution in North Texas.

According to Downwinders, with supporters’ help the group fought and won a 2003 battle over the cement plants being included in DFW’s clean air plan.

Downwinders makes the following suggestions for citizens to get involved in the continuing fight:

1. Host a house party, club meeting, or civic group for the organization to come and do a 30-minute slide show on the problem and what they’re trying to do to solve it.

2. Ask every candidate for elected office this fall whether they support a crackdown on the cement plants and an effective clean air plan.

3. Participate in meetings about the cement plants and the clean air plan with your own elected officials.

4. Keep up with the battle.

5. Write letters to Texas Governor Rick Perry about the need to crack down on the cement plants.

On Sept. 27th residents will have a chance to show Perry how much they care about the air and what he’s doing to it when he visits Dallas to a give a “State of the State” address to the Dallas Chamber of Commerce at the International Hotel in Addison at noon, states Downwinders.

The hotel is located at 15201 Dallas Parkway.

There’s also a chance he’ll be showing up in Dallas the evening of Oct. 6th for the only four-person Governor’s race debate hosted by Belo and the Dallas Morning News, although the location of the debate has not yet been announced, according to Downwinders.

The group says they always need working capital and those interested may go to to contribute to the cause.

Downwinders is also looking for a small garage apartment they can rent for the rest of the year as they host people from outside the area who want to help them and those who may know of a place may call 972-230-3185.

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