German Couples Face Lift Nepal’s Villages

Four couples from Munich, Germany pledged their properties for the development of rural areas of Nepal posthumously.

All their properties will be deposited at the Namaste Stiftung, which was established by these couples to help better the conditions of the Nepalis living in the rural areas.

According to the president of the Stiftung, Horst Schmel, who hails from Gilching, Munich, they decided to keep all their properties in the name of the Stiftung.

Horst, who has visited Nepal 35 times so far, informed that those donating properties beside him and his wife were the couples of Rosi Friedl, Erna Schenermann, and Gisela Haberkorn. They are all medical personnel in Germany.

The Stiftung, which was established in 2001, has already spent more amount of money in running a community hospital in Dhulikhel and a health project in Kavre’s Bolde Fediche Village Development Committee in the district. The Stiftung has assisted us in improving the physical infrastructure of the hospital, said hospital staffs.

Tilak Lama, a social worker of Bolde, said the Stiftung had opened a well-facilitated health centre. Apart from serving the locals, the health centre has benefited the people of Ramechhap and Sindhuli in northern Nepal, he added.

“Certainly, we will continue our cooperation so that the projects that we launched will remain in operation,” said Horst’s wife, Ursala. Health centres, school buildings, toilets and bridges will be constructed with the cooperation of the Stiftung, she added.

Ursala explained the locals’ behaviour in this way: The people of this village welcomed us with their warmest hospitality, so common all over Nepal. After a meal of dal bhaat, (boiled rice, vegetable curry and lentil soup), all the youths of the village gathered in front of the house where the staff were staying, and together they ended up having quite a party. Really, we praised their natural hospitality.

The Stiftung was established with the objective of assisting the people living in rural areas in Nepal, Horst said, adding that about 500 German people have been donating money to it. Natural beauty of Nepal and the hospitality of her people are unforgettable, Horst said, adding: “We wish for the prosperity of Nepal.”

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