Get Organized and Conquer House Clutter in 7 Easy Steps

House clutter sneaks up on a person. You move into an empty house and feel the need to fill it, the need to get ‘stuff’. That stuff seemingly multiplies on it’s own and turns into clutter. You look around at the piles of house clutter and feel overwhelming hopelessness at the thought of ever being able to get organized. It’s time to get organized, conquer house clutter and turn the negative feelings (and negative house clutter) into positive feelings of accomplishment, a clean, well-organized home and make a little money when you conquer house clutter as well.

There are 7 easy steps to get organized and conquer house clutter. While the steps are easy, it will take initiative and diligence on your part to accomplish the steps.

Step 1-Change your way of thinking about ‘stuff’. Material possessions are not what defines you. Cramming your house full of things will not make you better off than someone else. House clutter has a negative impact on your mental and physical health, so adding more ‘things’ to the mix of clutter actually makes you worse off.

Step 2-Apply the ‘in and out’ rule to get organized and conquer house clutter. If you bring something in, something must go out.

Step 3-Conquer house clutter one room at a time. To view your house clutter in it’s entirety will be overwhelming, so start by choosing one room. Stick with that one room until it’s completely de-cluttered and organized before moving on to the next room in your house.

Step 4-Take all items out of the room you are working in for sorting. There’s a reason TV shows about home cleaning and organization always have the participants remove the house clutter outside for sorting. You can be more realistic and reasonable about what you keep when you know you have to carry it back inside your house. Really, if you haven’t used it or worn it in a year, chances are you never will.

Step 5-When organizing a room, keep a box handy to toss items in that belong in another room. At the end of the day take the box of items out of the room and put them in their proper place. If you leave the room while you are working to get organized, chances are you’ll get sidetracked and not return to the task at hand.

Step 6-Kids and clutter go together, toys being a big house clutter issue. We have indulged our kids with these toys, now we need a way to get organized with them. Choose a place for the kid’s toys, a play room or corner of a room and put shelves, bins or something that can house the toys, but don’t put all the kid’s toys there. Remove some of the toys to an out-of-the-way location (attic, garage, etc.) and rotate the toys every so often. The kids will feel like they have all new toys and you will have conquered the toy clutter.

Step 7-Catagorize closets and cabinets. Clutter is not clutter if it’s behind a closed door and you can’t see it, right? Wrong. Get organized and conquer house clutter by having like items neatly placed in specific areas of closets or cabinets. Hang pants in one closet section, shirts in another section. Organize your kitchen cabinets by having plates on one shelf, saucers on another shelf and so forth.

Once you get organized and conquer house clutter, all the extra things can be sold and you can make a little money. Have a yard sale or list items on auction sites like eBay. But sell the items quickly, or you will be tempted to keep them and clutter up your house all over again.

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