The Ultimate Guide to a Clean House

Everyone hates cleaning their house because it is so mundane. The sheer thought of doing house work makes a person cringe and want to run from the house screaming. Sure we could all hire Merry Maids or a house cleaning person, but who wants to spend their hard earned money on that. In a perfect world we all would, but this is not a perfect world.

Step One: Garbatize

Yes, ok Garbatize really is not a word, but it is when it comes to cleaning your home. Go outside grab one of your 50 gallon trash cans, don’t have one – get one.

Begin by picking up any trash that you find laying around. Yes, we all have it. Those small annoying pieces of paper that manage to find their way to your floors, the ones your kids toss aside like an old used toy, the ones that the cat and the dog play with because they think it’s cool, and well the things that just don’t need to stay. Toss it!!

As for newspapers, magazines, and things that can be recycled, recycle ’em. Since I live in a small town, having a recycling day with the trash pick up isn’t possible. First off bundle them, bag them or however it is easiest for you. So I have two choices with this, load my bundled recyclables in my car and my next trip to the grocery store, toss the recyclables into their recycling bin or take my recyclables to the local once a month, on the second Saturday’s town recycle day.

Empty all your garbage cans into your outside garbage can. Once you have completed garbage patrol, take your outside garbage can where it belongs.

Step Two: Roomatize and Laundritize

Goodness another non-word. Yes, now we are going to do a roomatization of your home. Choose which room you would like to start in and return items that belong in other rooms in your home. Continue this method until you have completed item returns to each room where they belong. You should put the items in their proper places when returning them as to save on time and steps.

While in rooms that you are roomatizing gather dirty laundry and start a load of laundry while you are working on other rooms of your home. This will help you with multitasking your cleaning of the rooms. As rooms are being done of item returns, dry, fold and return laundered items to their proper rooms and places.

Step Three: Dish-o-matic and Kitchenizing

If you have a family like mine, they have tendencies to leave a dirty dish or two here or there when done instead of returning them to the kitchen to be washed. Gather the dirty dishes, even the silly ones in the kitchen and wash them to get this ugly chore out of the way. If you are a lucky person who has a dishwasher, load it and run it. The dishwashers are some homemakers best friend when it comes to kitchen duty.

Clean off your cabinets and wipe them down. Wipe down your kitchen range and any other spaces that need it, and whala you’re done in this room for the moment.

Step Four: Bathroom Duty Calls

Now is the time to clean the dreaded bathroom. Scrub it, clean it, rinse it, now you’re done.

Step Five: Vacumization, Broomitization, and Mopitopedia

Now is the time to finalize the daily grind of cleaning your home. Vacuum the carpets, sweep the floors that are not carpeted, and proceed straight to mopping.

Step Six: Coffeeeeeeee Time

Fix yourself a cup of java, sit, and relax. The family has dinner and clean up duty this evening.

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