Cameo Cleaners – Cameo’s Great Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner Product Review

It seems like there are chemicals designed to clean just about anything, with each one being specially designed to fit the needs of the task at hand. It would be nice if there was just one cleaning product that we could buy, which would be universal for everything we do, but since technology hasn’t taken us there yet, we have to find the best thing for each task. When it comes to cleaning Aluminum and Stainless Steel surfaces, the particular product set for the job is Cameo. Cameo makes products that are designed for those specialty surfaces and they actually make two different products. First there is the Copper, Brass & Porcelain Cleaner, and then there is the Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner. They work in similar ways, and it just depends on what type of surface you have, as to which product you decide to go with. For my purposes, I have the Cameo Aluminum cleaner.

At work we have a large stainless steel sink, which is similar to one that I have in my apartment. I think that most people with large kitchen use sinks of this type, and for the cleaning stages, Cameo can really come in handy. The Cameo is much like Comet, in that you have 6 little holes on the top of the container, that lets you pour the cleaner out. The cleaner is a white powder, which when mixed with water forms a solution to clean up and polish your aluminum and steel surfaces. The plastic container that it comes in well insulated so that you don’t have to worry about the product eating through to the outside world, and it has some ridges along the top that make it easy to shake out the powder.

To put this product to use, you wash out your sink like any other time, wiping down all the areas that you want to clean with the Cameo. Once you have washed down everything, sprinkle some of the Cameo over areas that you want to work on, and work it into a little paste using the little bit of water clinging to the sides of your sink. Doing this, you can work up a nice paste that you want to let sit for a few seconds, and then rub into your sink using a scour pad. This will remove anything unwanted from the sink sides, and begin polishing up everything at the same time. While working with the paste, you are going to see results right away. The shine starts to come out within seconds of being used, and when you are finished working at it, just rinse out the sink, wipe it down one more time, and you will be amazed with the results.

Cameo is a really easy product to use, and as you can see by my testament, it gets to work quite quickly. You won’t be using this as a soap or anything like that, but a cleaner and polisher that is going to make your sinks look like they are brand new. I have seen people use it on copper as well, and it works decently, but Cameo makes the other product to be used in those instances. That being said, it isn’t too expensive to just buy one of each if you are going to be polishing up stainless steel and copper on a frequent basis. They both come in 10 ounce containers, and the 10 ounces goes a long way if you don’t waste any of the powder. Ours is purchased at a surplus store, but I have also seen that you can buy it on for only $1.49. They ship it for free, so it comes out being very inexpensive if you go that route.

With all of the choices on products in the market, I think that Cameo has stood out from the group as a reliable and cheap tool when it comes to cleaning up and polishing Aluminum and Stainless Steel Products. It is a chemical, so you need to keep it in a safe location, but it isn’t too harsh that you cannot get it on your hands. You do want to wash them thoroughly after using it though, because it can be an eye irritant. I think that the Cameo Cleaners work really well, and due to the ease of use, and minor costs involved, I give the Cameo Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner a 5-star recommendation.

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