Find the Right Contractor for Your Home Renovation

If you’re considering doing some major renovations to your home you’re going to need a contractor. Choosing a general contractor does not have to be difficult but it does require some careful consideration. To find the right person for the job there are several questions you should ask.

First, what kind of work is going to be done? If you’re only remodeling a room or a small section of your home the process of choosing a contractor won’t be that complicated. But if you’re planning on a entire home makeover expect the decision to be a little bit harder. You want to be sure your contractor is going to build the things you want safely and beautifully in the least amount of time possible. Here are some suggestions on choosing and finding a general contractor in your area.

To be sure that your project goes according to schedule and follows your budget it is important to invest some time searching for the right contractor. The work that is going to be done should last for years and follow all safety codes applicable. After you have decided what kind of renovation you want you can begin to search for the perfect contractor.

There are basically two kinds of contractors; those who build by production and those who make custom designs. For most home remodeling you’ll want a custom builder who can work with your design ideas. Custom builders will offer you many choices when it comes to redesigning your home from types of wood used to decorative trim and tile.

Production builders generally use the same model for most jobs and there is not much room for change. For example, if you want to have a deck installed you might want to choose a production builder to save time and money. Production builders can offer you standard designs and plans that can be built quickly to save time and money. Custom contractors are generally more expensive than production builders. Production builders most often use precut supplies that can be put together by one or two people in very little time. You can save a lot of money on labor and materials by choosing a production builder.

If you choose a custom contractor expect to get only what you pay for. A custom contractor will be much more flexible when it comes to changes in design or materials. You can expect to pay more for a custom contractor because they generally use more labor and the renovation will take longer. When choosing a production builder expect to get only what is offered in the standard plans. Changing your mind in the middle of a project can not only be expensive but can dramatically increase the time it takes to finish the job. Production builders may not accept changes once the project has begun so finalize all your plans in writing and stick to them.

Before choosing any contractor, make sure you have predetermined the cost of materials and labor. When interviewing contractors get a detailed quote that includes the exact work to be done, the projected amount of time it will take from start to finish, and the cost of supplies and labor. You should also ask for a copy of the contract to be signed so you can review the terms and conditions before hiring a contractor. Always ask for references and check them out.

Find out if past customers were satisfied with the work done and ask to see previous jobs completed by the contractor. When questioning references, especially those provided by the contractor take into account they may be telling you what you want to hear. Find out the real truth by visiting job sites both in progress and completed to see if the homeowners are satisfied. No contractor is going to tell you if the crew left a mess behind, if a job took much longer than expected, and they certainly won’t tell you if they have unsatisfied customers. Try to speak with at least 4-5 past customers to get a clear idea of what to expect from a contractor.

Remodeling your home can take several weeks and you want to be sure the contractor is reliable. The contractor should be available at any time during your remodel should you need anything or want to make a change. There are several ways to find the right contractor from driving around and looking at homes being remodeled, getting references from friends and family, or by checking with a recognized builders association. The National Association of Home Builders lists more than 800 state and local builders associations and is a great place to start in your search for a general contractor. Simply log onto and search by state.

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