Get Ready for this Summer!

Take some time now to get organized for summer. This will ensure you are ready to enjoy the prime summer days without stress or regret over lost opportunities due to lack of planning.

Around the House

Check that your air conditioners are working. Once the temperatures soar it is annoying to realize that the AC does not work and it may be awhile before it is fixed or the air conditioner is replaced. Then, get your wardrobe organized: Start to pack away winter clothes and unpack the warm weather attire.

Have a garage sale to clear clutter out of the house and to raise funds for summer vacations. Then attend a few garage sales to find inexpensive books for summer beach or vacation reading or for rainy days. You may also find bikes to enjoy some outdoor summer exercise.

Summer Activities

Line up a summer job if you need one. Register to take summer classes. Add a ping of intellectual stimulation to lazy summer days. Look into places to sign up for summer charity work or participate in charity fund raising events.

Gardening Tasks

Plant some trees in the spring. Get them in the ground in time to enjoy the warm summer sun that will nurture their growth. Start a vegetable garden to enjoy fresh produce and save money at the grocery store. You may want to plant seedlings or seeds indoors to start your summer flower garden. Plan now and have flowers early.

Plan Vacations

Make reservations now to avoid the pre-summer rush. Get your summer calendar started and block out vacation time to ensure a well organized trip. Stock up on film and scrapbooks when you see them on sale to prepare for summer photos.

Invite friends to vacation with you at your home. Get plans in order to celebrate your friendships during festive summer holidays.

Prepare to Help the Environment

Get your bicycle ready for summer. Check the tires and polish the chrome. Make a promise that you will use the bicycle for errands around town and keep the car parked to save fuel and money.

Put together some gift baskets of flower seeds and bulbs to give as gifts when you are a weekend guest with friends this summer. Or purchase some “tree gift” cards from to have trees planted to honor friends or family and give those cards out for summer birthdays or visits.

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