Comparison Guide for Rug Shampooers and Carpet Cleaners

Rug Shampooers are something that everyone uses and it is such a drag to lug a big heavy rental machine home one day and then back to the store the next. Not to mention the cost. And the fact that you do not know who used it before you did. There is a wide range of prices for rug shampooers today. There are models that can go for over $1,000 but unless you have a mini mansion, something that big and powerful is just not necessary. I have picked four of the top rug shampooers from different manufacturers. Each one of them is one of the best in their price range. Take a look at what carpets you have and look at machines right for the size of your job. You do not have to buy the most expensive on the market. Small space, small rug shampooer, big space, big rug shampooer. The prices are the suggested prices. If you see one you like shop around and get the best deal you can.

We have all seen the Orcek commercials on TV for their vacuum cleaners, but they also have a line of rug and carpet shampooers and this is the top of the line coming in at $400.00 but with a lot of extras including tons of shampoo. The Oreck Rinse-A-Matic Steemer Ultra�® SKU: M800A
cleans not only carpets and rugs, but also floors. It has a special rinse cycle and when you are done washing, it will dry also.

P-4000-Koblenz Industrial Shampooer/Polisher
Koblenz is well known as a manufacturer of commercial floor cleaners and they do have a good reputation for quality, so their home products are made to last. This one goes for around $250.00. They have a special flow through system that quickly converts the solution to foam, thereby preventing the carpet from becoming soaking wet. If you have ever used an older machine, you know how messy this can get.

Hoover Steam Vac Wide Path Carpet Extractor/Shampooer
Priced at about $250.000, this is one of Hoover’s best. It is hard to find one in this price range that is a steamer cleaner. And this one has 6 brush heads, so it really gets down to business.

Eureka 2596A Atlantis Extractor
You get a lot for your money with this one at a price of about $150.00. While it does not have the steam feature, the tank is especially built to keep the water hot for about 30 minutes. If you have ever had to keep replacing or adding hot water, you will appreciate this feature for sure.

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