Get a New Look for Your Home

The new year is a great time to think about changing the look of your home. The few months following the holidays can be boring and quiet so why not take on a decorating project to fill this time. The perennial question is, however, where to start? Where do you find inspiration? You can always hire an interior designer but why pay someone to something for you that is both fun and easy to do yourself!Magazines

When I begin a decorating project, I rely on magazines to get some fresh ideas. There are so many available on the market and each are full of terrific ideas. Don’t expect to duplicate exactly what you see, just look for inspiration and direction. Are you going for a formal or casual look? Modern or French country? Do you like the colour of the room, but hate the style of the sofa? You get the point.

I like to remove the pages I like from the magazines and make notes about each one. What do I like? Can I incorporate this look or idea? What will I need to accomplish this? It is also easier to take a page from a magazine to the fabric or wallpaper store to find a similar pattern, colour or style. Magazines almost always list the retailers showcased in their pages in the back, so you have an immediate contact if you happen upon something you can’t live without!Television

Entire networks are now dedicated to the art of home dÃ?©cor. The range of shows and talent available on television is incredible. The arsenal of ideas is endless. True, most shows are perhaps a bit more fantasy than reality, but they almost always have some usual hints that you can take away. It’s also nice to see the entire transformation which gives you a better idea of how your own project might take shape.Websites

Surfing the web is great both for inspiration and ideas but also for details about specific products. It’s the easiest way to obtain information on specifications, installation and accessories for products. It’s also often the easiest way to compare prices. You can easily forward links to friends for comments and print out pages to take with you shopping.Ask your Friends and Neighbours

When you see things you like, be bold and ask about them. Get sources, recommendations and advice. People usually love to talk about their home and most will be pleased to share information with you. The power of word or mouth goes a long way too. Sometimes you can get a great deal on goods or services through referrals that you might have never been able to obtain otherwise. The only caveat is that while most people don’t mind someone else borrowing a little inspiration, they can get a little aggravated if you copy their idea totally.

Go Window Shopping

Retail stores employ professional designers to put together displays. In home and furniture stores, often displays are set up to resemble a room in the home. This is a great opportunity to get ideas of what you like and don’t like. See how the professionals combine colours, furniture, accessories and texture to create appealing “rooms”.

Virtually everywhere you go will provide an opportunity to get some inspiration for your project, so keep an open mind and enjoy yourself.

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