Getting Organized for Back to School

For students around the country late summer means that it is time to get organized for back to school. From shopping for new clothes to buying school supplies and books, back to school shopping is a time honored tradition and is followed by students of all ages and in all grade levels.

Depending on your grade level and whether or not you are in public school, private school, or college, back to school shopping is a much anticipated activity. For kids, this may mean begging for certain fashionable items, for parents, back to school shopping has them wanting to purchase only the essentials.

Back to school shopping not only encompasses buying new things. This is also a time for a student to get organized and geared up for success. By evaluating last year’s note taking and organizational system, students can learn more efficient ways to have a successful school year.

Here are some tips that will make back to school shopping and getting organized for back to school a lot more enjoyable and successful.

What do you need? The first step to getting organized for back to school is to assess what you truly need. Do you have left over school supplies last year? Are your clothes still in good condition? Make a list of all the things you have, and from that, make another list of all the things you need. The goal is to reduce clutter while still maintaining a sense of organization.

Follow trends wisely. Trends are a big part of being fashionable and to some students, especially those in high school the right clothes could make or break a reputation. To parents, this idea may seem ridiculous, but to a student, this is often the cornerstone of their social life. Help your child find out what the trends are and then find clothes and styles together that are flattering and inexpensive. Instead of fight with them on this one, why not join them?

Plan for Success. There is more to back to school shopping than finding the right clothes. What grades did the children get last year? What are the goals for this year? Teach the children how to set goals and to take the goals and turn it into an action plan. This is a valuable life lesson that translates to a lot of areas.

Once you set goals, you will need to help them assess if their current organizational system will help meet those goals. This is a vital part of the process of getting organized for back to school. If more supplies are needed, do your back to school shopping during sales to help save a little money.

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