Getting Rid of Clutter

Are you a pack rat? Is your house filled to overflowing with clutter? Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to get rid of anything and why you hang on to things even if you never use them? There are a variety of reasons why people cling to clutter. Take a look at this list and see if any of these reasons match your way of thinking.

You don’t want to hurt feelings
One of the biggest reasons that people hang on to clutter and they don’t want to hurt people’s feelings by throwing away something that was given to them as a gift. Take a good look around your home and see how many items you can spot that you really don’t like that you are hanging on to just because they were given to you as a gift. It could be a giant piece of furniture that doesn’t really fit in your home, a small appliance in your kitchen that you will never use, or even just small knickknacks that are taking up space in your home. It is important to know that just because something was a gift doesn’t mean that you have to hang onto it forever.

Just in case you need it
This is one of the biggest reasons that people hang onto clutter. You think about getting rid of something in your home but then you manage to convince yourself that the minute you get rid of it you will need it again. So instead of getting rid of the item you continue to hang onto it, taking up precious space in your home with something that you probably will never use.

Someday it will be worth something
This is one of the most seductive reasons for holding on to clutter. Maybe you have a room that’s filled to overflowing with matchbox cars still in their original packaging, or perhaps you can’t even get through your doorways because you have piles of beanie babies laying everywhere. While it is often true that items can gain value with time, in the meantime you’re left with a house that is filled with clutter and that just plain isn’t enjoyable to live in. Many people make the mistake of saving these items thinking that they’re saving for their children’s future and leaving them something that they can sell after they are gone. Sadly, though, more often than not the children just wind up throwing out these items or selling them at a garage sale just to clear them out.

Someday I will fix it
Are you the type of person who picks up broken items from the curb convinced that you can fix them and turn them into something magnificent? Or perhaps you’re the type of person that when something breaks you simply can’t bear to throw it out because you know someday you could fix it again. Either way you probably have a stack of things that need fixing that is bigger than you would have time to complete in your lifetime.

Oh, the memories
Oftentimes people confuse items with memories. You don’t need to keep your prom dress to remember what a great time you had at prom. Even if you get rid of an item you will still have the memory and that is what really matters.

No matter what your reason for hanging on to clutter it is important to think about clearing out some of the clutter and freeing up space in your life. When your house is untidy and when you have stacks of clutter everywhere it can be very stressful. Items can be easily lost or misplaced in a cluttered home which can cost you a lot of time spent looking for these lost items. Not only that but being surrounded by clutter can actually cause you to feel depressed, lethargic, and overwhelmed.

On the other hand, a clutter free home can be uplifting and refreshing and can be a place where you love to spend your time. You should make an effort to start clearing out some of the clutter in your life. You don’t have the start big and get rid of everything all at once. Instead, start small and clear out just a few items a week. Over time your house will become much cleaner, more organized and much more enjoyable to live in.

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