Getting Rid of Pet Odor

If you have animals, you know all about the trouble that you go through in order to make your home smell nice and clean. Or, perhaps, you’re one of those people that can’t seem to get the pet odor out of your clothes, furniture, and house no matter what you do. There are many remedies that are on the market specifically devoted to making your house and pet’s area smell not only clean, but also like the scent that you choose. Some products actually work, while others give the appearance that they work. Some of the more successful items on the market, however, actually do make your house smell like you wouldn’t even know if you had pets at all!

Carpet Deodorizers

Cleaning supply manufacturers have put carpet deodorizers out on the market and have targeted them specifically toward pet smells. These carpet deodorizers usually are okay to use on your carpet and even on certain upholsteries that couches, chairs, and recliners are made out of. The point of these products is to have them sprayed in a certain area of the carpet, rug, or couch, and the pet smell disappears. This can be especially helpful if there is a cat urine stain that has been cleaned from the carpet but still has retained its smell. Most people are aware that cat urine is especially hard to get rid of; carpet deodorizers, though, will help with this problem!

Pet Plug-ins and Scents

You know those air fresheners that are marketed towards making your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room smell nice? Usually these are the types of air fresheners that are plugged into the wall and give off a specific scent that is provided by an air freshener insert in the device. Now there are actually Pet Plug-ins that are advertised and marketed specifically toward making the area of the house where your pet stays most of the time smell cleaner! I have never personally tried one of these pet plug-ins, but imagine that it would work just as well as the normal plug-ins. I don’t know if I would care to pay a more hefty price for a pet plug-in, however, buying one once or twice to test it out may not be so bad if it actually does work!

Candles. . .

Lighting candles throughout your home is always a good idea no matter what smell you are trying to get rid of! The great thing about candles is that you can buy them in almost any scent imaginable. From blueberries all the way to leather, you can buy candles that smell just as clean and good as any air freshener on the market today!

There are all sorts of natural remedies to try to get the pet smell out of your house as well. Using baking soda or vinegar to make your house smell clean are only a couple of the other ways that you can try. However, trying some of the products on the market may be just as beneficial for making your home smell sweet, and they may not even be too costly to keep your house nice, clean, and pet-odor free!

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