Ghost Hunters: The Complete Season One DVD Box Set Review

If you are a fan of the paranormal and DVD box sets then you will love the Ghost Hunters 3 DVD Box Set of its Season One Episodes. This collection has all of the edge of your seat episodes that made this Sci Fi Channel reality series an instant classic. This box set is available now at a wide variety of retailers for a price of about $21.99.

Where You Can Buy Ghost Hunters: The Complete First Season

There are many online DVD retailers that offer Ghost Hunters: The Complete First Season. I personally bought my copy through for $16.46. Other retailers that carry Ghost Hunters: The Complete First Season include:,, and The price for this three disc set ranges between $14.99 and $21.99 plus shipping charges. To find the best price for this product make sure that you include the shipping charges in your price comparisons.

Disc Number One

On the first disc of this set you get the first three episodes of the series plus some great special features. The special features on this disc include deleted scenes from each of the three featured episodes plus a special episode which features an interview with Jason and Grant about their favorite cases. The first episode that is on this disc contains two cases. The first case involves a mother who has four spirits in her house, two children, a woman, and a man. Stunning EVPs are revealed in this case. The second part of the first episode is the first part of the Mishler Theater investigation. The second episode contains the second part of the Mishler Theater investigation, the Railroad Memorial Museum investigation, and the first part of the Lighthouse Inn investigation. Nothing spectacular was revealed in these cases. The third episode on disc one contains the Lighthouse Inn investigation and the Stone’s Public House investigation. Orb activity, an investigator is touched by a supernatural force, temperature changes are experienced, EVPs, and light phenomenon are also found.

Disc Number Two

Like Disc On, Disc Two has bonus features and three episodes. The bonus materials contained on Disc Two include deleted scenes from episodes 4, 5, and 6, and the Ghost Hunters Glossary. Episode Four covers the Race Rock investigation where EMF is traced up and down the stairs, the chair in the attic moves, and boaters are rescued from the ocean. Episode Five contains the Eastern State Penitentiary investigation where a lot of activity is observed including the cloaked figure running on the cat walk. Finally in episode Six a church that has been converted into a house is investigated. No real findings during this episode.

Disc Number Three

The third disc contains four episodes as well as several bonus features. The bonus materials that this disc contains include deleted scenes from each of the featured episodes, the Ghost Hunters’ trailer, and a trailer for Triangle. Episode Seven is the New Bedford Armory investigation, which is the one where the sound guy gets thrown to the ground by an unseen force. Other thermal evidence is also recorded. Episode Eight includes the Old College Apartment House investigation, the Topton House Investigation, and the interview with Frank, the sound guy, who was attacked in episode seven. Episode Nine is the investigation of an 18th Century Inn where the pen moves, as well as the investigation of the house with the mother and daughter who claim to have been scratched by the spirit. The final episode of the season contains the investigation with the hostile force, where the investigators hear gasping sounds and experience temperature changes, and the investigation of the man who is living in his grandparents’ house. Impressive EVPs are captured on tape.

Pros and Cons of this DVD Set

There is a lot of great things about this set. There is a lot of bonus material included in this three disc set. You have the option to play all of the episodes on a disc or to just watch a single episode. You also get to watch some amazing evidence of paranormal activity. The only thing that I really didn’t like about this set is the boxing. Instead of having three separate spots to secure the discs, there is a single stacking location for all three discs. I worry that this method of boxing will leave the discs vulnerable to scratching.

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