There were ghosts on the road tonight
-Messengers of the fading twilight.
The rotations of the approaching high beams
Against the intensity of the stars’ cool gleam
Always puts my mind at ease
To roam wherever it would please

Shadows of a forgotten past
Shiver beside the open path
That leads my car home

They travel past the edges
And topple over the darkened ledges
But still they call to me
In my reckless frivolity

They ask me to give them their chance at living
To be offered all they could rightfully be given
But as their translucent hands reach for me to see
It is merely the night’s darkness that greets me.
As their white faces of silenced apparition
Dissolve at the coming of the day’s blissful transition
Their intense longings are merely vague traces
Like the hazy memory of familiar faces.

And yet their voices seep quietly through the walls of my home
But do they whisper to me alone?
Or is it every human mind
They own�.

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