Gifts for Pet Lovers

If you have a pet lover in your life, you might be looking to buy them something that reminds them of their furry companion. It’s hard to know what they may like, or what they may already have. Below is a list of some common, and some not-so-common, gift ideas that might just be the perfect gift for any pet lover.

Pet Art

This gift will be something the pet lover in your life will cherish forever. If you visit you will find a variety of artworks you can have made from a picture of a pet. They offer watercolor, oil paint, pencil sketch, and much more.


If your pet lover has a beloved pet that has passed on, a pet memorial makes a great gift. You can buy these from a number of retailers, or build one yourself. They quite often include a picture of the pet and a poem enclosed in a frame.

Personalized Items

There are a huge number of items you can have personalized with a picture of a pet. Just about any retailer that offers personalized items can do this for you. This would include blankets, mugs, placemats, key chains, tee shirts, and handbags.

The PetMaster

This item is a handheld device that gives you information about your pet. It will tell you everything about your pet you might want to know from its library of pet tips and care information. It can also store vital information about your pet, including name, name of veterinarian, any phone numbers, and medical information. This device also can help you find pet-friendly hotels and veterinarian care while you are away from home.


There are versions of monopoly just for the pet lover. You can find “Horse-opoly”, “Dogopoly” and “Catopoly,” and buy according to your pet lover’s preference.

Horseshoe Frames

The Website offers picture frames made with real horseshoes. This is a great gift for the horse lover in your life. You choose from pewter, charcoal, or bronze. Give them the frame as it comes, or insert a picture of their horse.

Gift Certificate

What could be more simple or welcome than a gift certificate? If your pet lover seems to have ‘everything’ or is hard to buy for, a gift certificate is the perfect choice. You could buy them one from their favorite pet supply store, or get one from their pet groomer or pet sitter.


There are many books to choose from for the pet lover, and it may simple be a process of narrowing down your choice to a picture book, information book, or a silly narrative about the pet of your choice. Aside from choosing a book or two, you could add a pet themed bookmark to your purchase, along with a journal featuring your pet lover’s favorite animal.

For The Pampered Pet

Not only can you get soft carriers for pets, you can get ones that are strollers as well. This might be the perfect gift for the pet lover who wants to take their pet with them wherever they go. It’s also perfect for the pet that has mobility problems. It allows them to continue to go on outings with their companions without having to walk if it has become difficult or painful for them to do so.

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