Gifts for Your Geek

Christmas is just around the corner. And while shopping for the sports fan, movie buff, or car enthusiast is easy, what about the geek in your life? Here are some ideal gifts.

iPod Nano: $199 2GB (500 songs), $249 4GB (1000 songs) from

IPods are an obvious choice, but the iPod Nano is especially geek. It’s impossibly small and slim, and available in black or white. IPods are great not only for songs, but also for downloading and playing recorded streaming audio (podcasts) and audio books. The iPod Nano’s color LCD display, large capacity and affordable price tag make it the geekiest gift you can give.

Binary Watch: $69 from ThinkGeek

Most geeks know binary inside and out; it’s virtually an requirement. And if there’s one thing a geek likes to do, it’s show off how much he knows. This watch, with its colored LEDs and circuit board face, is even geekier than the iPod. It’s water resistant up to three atmospheres, has a leather band and stainless steel back.

Murchison Meteorite: $65 from

For the geology geek, this piece of meteorite can be a Christmas in itself. Thought to have broken off from comets, it’s been concluded that they have made contact with water before landing on Earth. Amino acids on the meteorites even suggest that some simple life existed on them as well – it’s sure to make your geek break out his USB microscope.

Neuromancer by William Gibson: $6.99 from Amazon

Neuromancer is the novel that defined cyberpunk; a dark future where corporations rule and computers are everywhere. It’s won several awards and is a compelling read for any geek, nerd or techie.

Star Wars Lightsabers: $100-120 from ThinkGeek

It’s no toy; this nearly exact replica of the props used in the Star Wars movies is a collector’s item. When turned on, the blade’s glow move up, just like in the movies, and has four convincing sound effects activated by the onboard motion sensor. Perfect for the Star Wars nerd.

Bawls Guarana beverage: $23.49 for 12 Bottles at

As a stocking stuffer, give your geek the gift of caffeine. Made with guarana, a berry from the Amazonian rainforest, Bawls is extremely caffeinated and tasty, too.

Whatever type of geek you’re shopping for, this list should provide you with top-notch gift ideas for him or her.

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