Gigmax: An Absolute Storage Site for FREE

Gigmax offers a free service that allows anybody to store files, such as text documents, images, and videos, in their own Gigmax so that they can access them from anywhere at anytime. Registered users have the option of making their uploaded and stored files as either private or even public so that others may view them. In addition to just storing files, other benefits that registered users at Gigmax also boasts of their online photo album storage as well. They can upload personal photos and provide the links from their various sites such as online blogs, Friendster, Myspace, Multiply and Hi5. And the best part of it all, its absolutely free!

For storage space, Gigmax allows a total of 30 megabytes (MB) of storage for registered users, roughly enough to store about 400-500 photos! Gigmax registered users can store any file outside of the usual photos they have. Music files are however not allowed to be stored since legal issues may ensue.

Many people would be asking, what makes Gigmax different from the other usual free storage sites like the ones given by Yahoo and Google groups, or maybe even the file allocation given by Friendster and Multiply. Well, as stated earlier, the amount given to each registered user is more than enough reason for any person looking for a large storage space. It would take some time before such limit space would be filled up, but then again, 30 MB is large and probably one of the largest public site where service can be easily appreciated, not to mention joining a community of people whom you can also check out as far as their publicly declared storage place is concerned.

Gigmax is on the rise and it would only be a matter of time before other leading sites who offer storage space allocation for their files would follow. But as well know, why wait when there is already a site that can provide larger space and flexibility in terms of accessibility. While the giants such as Yahoo, Multiply, and other better known sites are mapping out their plans to accommodate their actual patrons, Gigmax is far more ahead of them as far as personal satisfaction and accommodation are concerned on the Internet. By the time these giants have found their solution, who knows, Gigmax will have already increased its storage space accommodation and expanded its services towards their registered users database. Gigmax is one step ahead, and in the same way that it believes in, the site is for the Internet savvy people. So it needs no more explanation why Gigmax is Your Space, Your Storage!

For more information regarding their service, check them out at their website at Gigmax-Your Space, Your Storage.

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