Give Online Dating a Try

Dating these days is far different from years gone by. In the past people usually met at a party or were hooked up by friends, then in time the couple would come to know whether the friendship could go on to the next level or if it was never meant to be.

Meeting people online is similar to having friends doing all the work looking for that special someone. Recently, people have had higher success rates in getting a date online than using conventional methods.

My wife and I met online and it worked great for us. It was the perfect opportunity for us to meet and learn about each other in a safe and secure environment. It may not be for everyone, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

There are many online dating services out there. Some are free and some charge a fee for subscribing. An internet search will reveal numerous services to choose from.

Online dating is great for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:


When you use an online dating service, you can meet many people without the risk of revealing your personal information. The only time you have to reveal any information is when you are comfortable with the person you’ve met and established a certain level of trust.


It’s very common online to meet people who pretend to be other people. They intend to cause harm or, at the very least, create unpleasantness for some people. Online dating services can help weed out people. Most dating services today have a membership system where malicious or inappropriate behavior can be reported resulting in abusive members being banned. Some services even have member verification systems in place that will help make sure the person is really who they say they are.


Online dating is extremely affordable compared to dating in person. Think about how many times you would have to go out with a person before you really got to know them. You can bypass this by getting to know someone through email, online conversations, and even phone calls.

By getting to know many people online, you can take things at your own speed and get to know people in the way that’s most comfortable – without spending a lot of money.

Many of the dating services let you become a member for free. You can sign up and try out the system without any commitment. Sending email or private messages to other members may require you to sign up for a paid membership, though. Men usually have to spend more money on memberships – especially on sites that require a paid membership to send email but not to receive it. Women tend to get all sorts of offers on the online world.

No More Rejection

For many men, dating in an uncomfortable game of meeting women and getting up the nerve to ask them out and always facing the possibility of rejection. Online services allow make it easy to sign up and meet people in a casual and non-committal way. It’s much more common to meet and chat with people online without the fear of getting turned down.

Women, on the other hand, can weed out the wrong person. Getting to know someone online is easy. Through online conversation and email, you can get a handle on who the person is and whether or not you share the same values. All of this can happen before you ever meet the person in real life. You can easily eliminate a lot of undesirable people in a safe and easy manner.


Many people are uncomfortable being honest and open with a complete stranger for fear of rejection and lack of trust. It makes an honest conversation difficult.

Online dating, however, allows a certain level of anonymity. People tend to be a little more open because there seems to be less risk. Conversations online tend to get more serious much quicker. And that can help weed out a person or trigger the signal that this is someone you want to meet in person.

Online dating can be fun and a great way to meet new people. Even if you’re not looking for that special someone, you may just end up with some new friends or pen-pals.

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