Glass Plus: All Purpose Cleaner that Really Does it All

Glass Plus is an all purpose cleaner that truly cleans and shines glass mirrors and windows without leaving streaks or smudges and works as a household cleaner, as well. It also cleans and shines appliances, counter tops, bathroom fixtures and other household surfaces.

I first purchased Glass Plus because it was more economical that the other leading glass cleaner. It can often be purchased for $1.00 a bottle at your local chain store.I was delighted with the results.

One cleaning with Glass Plus leaves your mirrors and windows sparkling clean with no streaks or haze. I use it on all my appliances and counters and even use it in the bathroom. The vanity and sink simply shine with one quick cleaning with Glass Plus. It can even be used to clean the shower door without any worries about messy streaks showing up later.

Solid construction
The sprayer is solidly constructed and does not “give out” before you reach the end of the product, like some other brands I have used.

Great Design
The sprayer is designed for both “two finger sprayers” and “one finger sprayers.” If you prefer to use your index finger, there is a convenient groove for that, but should you desire to use both fingers, that works too. Either way, there is a handy grip for your finger(s). Grooves in the neck of the bottle are designed to accommodate the index finger and the pinkie, or three fingers if you choose.

Firm Grasp
The neck is designed so that when you are grasping the bottle, the nozzle rests on your hand (between the index finger and the thumb) Your thumb circles the neck and rests on top of your fingers.This provides for a solid grasp on the container making it unlikely that it will slip out of your hand like some of the other products I have used.

Refreshing Scent
Glass Plus has a clean refreshing scent that leaves your home smelling clean without an over powering fragrance. Glass Plus is ammonia and phosphate free.

One Product Does it All
When it is time to clean the kitchen all I need is a bottle of Glass Plus and a paper towel to clean everything in sight. There is no need to switch cleaners when I come to a glass surface, as Glass Plus does just what it’s name implies, it cleans glass plus everything else too.

No Delayed Surprises
With Glass Plus, there are no delayed surprises. Once you’ve cleaned there is no need to check the mirrors before the in-laws arrive, as there are never any unpleasant streaks left behind.

Glass Plus is a Great Deal
I use Glass Plus because it is economical, has a sturdy bottle design and is convenient. It saves time and energy to simply grab one bottle and clean everything at once. The fact that it leaves a fresh clean scent in my home is simply a plus.

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