Gluten-Free Crock Pot French Toast Rescues Your Busy Thanksgiving Morning

Miss Lee doesn’t do gluten-free pies. That’s all up to you. And “over the counter” gluten-free stuffing that passes the “just-like-homemade” taste test doesn’t exist. Whether it’s all-hands-on-deck or you want to keep the couch potatoes out of your kitchen on Thanksgiving morning, this Gluten Free Crock Pot French Toast will delight the ingredient conscious and the semi-unconscious alike.

This is an annual favorite in our holiday household that’s bustling each year with grown daughters and their husbands who aren’t gluten-free, as well as my husband, ten-year-old son and I, who do adhere to a gluten free diet. When the kids (and the grand puppies) all come home for a visit, my challenge is always to serve gluten-free fare that satisfies everyone. Though I typically serve it Christmas morning with plentiful Mimosas, this recipe has never failed to delight.

1 – 2 loaves gluten free bread (some are quite small; cinnamon raisin is nice)

Butter or vegan substitute to grease crock pot

Turbinado sugar for topping

Chopped pecans for topping (optional)

For the custard:

10 large eggs

1 cup heavy cream (I use coconut for dairy-free)

Ã?¼ – Ã?½ cup orange juice

1-2 tsp gf pure vanilla extract

�½ cup sugar, coconut sugar or zylitol

1-2 tsp ground cinnamon

Zest of one orange

Pinch of salt

Dice bread into large chunks, and place in wide mixing bowl. Crack eggs in separate bowl with custard ingredients and whisk together thoroughly. Pour custard over bread, holding back Ã?½ cup of liquid. Fold to incorporate. Allow to soak several minutes, folding occasionally. Grease crock pot generously with butter or vegan substitute, including up the sides. Pour in your bread/custard mixture. If you feel like your mixture is a bit dry, pour the reserved custard over top. You don’t want it sitting in a ton of excess liquid, but you want it moist and thoroughly coated. Do not compress. Top with daubs of butter and a crunchy sprinkle of Turbinado sugar. Plug in, set your crock pot to low and let the deliciousness cook overnight. Why not set your dishes and cups out, too? Choosing disposable frees up the dishwasher.

Come morning, serve hot with real maple syrup, fruit and coffee.

Your belly will be fueled and ready to commence the preparations, while your guests serve themselves scoops of warm and satisfying French toast the entire household will love!

Serves 6-8

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