Go Green with Nontoxic Household Cleaners

With so many environmental issues facing us today, such as global warming, the loss of the rain forests, and more, it is time to rethink the household cleaners we use. We can start changing what is happening to our climate it now by slowing it down with even the slightest change in our usage of home cleaners.

There are many nontoxic cleaners available today that can be purchased online and offline. Not only are the household cleaners safer for the environment, they are safer and healthier for our pets, children, and us.

There are many safe household cleaners for bathrooms, kitchens, dishwashers, windows, and more being produced today. This has changed over the years. Before there was only a handful of companies, such as Shakelee, Stanley Home Products, and Fuller Brush, who were creating safer, friendlier home cleaning products.

Now there are such companies as Veriuni, Seaside Naturals, Aromologics, and many more who have joined the organic and nonionic household cleaner scene. For example, some of these companies have taken into consideration health issues many people have with asthma and other upper respiratory diseases, and allergic reactions to the chemicals in the cleaners. The companies that have taken these health issues into consideration have developed cleaners for the home which will lesson these health issues.

Now with the environmental and health issues being taken into consideration, some company, such as Veriuni, has added the cost of retail cleaners into the mix. Veriuni has made their cleaners in a concentrated form. By making their nonionic household cleaners in a concentrated form, the cost between their products and the regular name brand cleaners will save you money in the long run.

For instance, while a one quart bottle of the Veriuni All Natural All Purpose Cleaner will cost you $9.63 a quart compared to Spic and Span Liquid Spray Cleaner in a 32-ounce bottle at around $3.29 a bottle, so why would you want to pay a third of the amount for less cleaning solution? The Spic and Span is already in a diluted manner with other harmful chemicals added to it. With the Veriuni All Purpose Cleaner in the concentrated form, you will be able to mix at least on a minimum basis at least 12 times that of Spic and Span. $9.63 divided by 12 equals $0.80 cents per use as opposed to the $3.29 for one bottle of Spic and Span liquid cleaner.

With the vast array of nontoxic household cleaning products coming to the retail market today, there really isn’t a reason we shouldn’t take the time to switch our habits to help save the earth from our own destructive ways.

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