Appraisals Available in Ohio for Antiques and Collectibles

If you have recently considered doing some spring cleaning in the garage, your basement, or even the attic, you now have a good reason. As you go through your belongings, how will you know which items are trash, a future item for your upcoming garage sale, or a treasure?

Do you simply guess and follow your gut?

One way to determine if that prized possession in your attic is worth something is to check out books from your local library on the subject. A concern with this form of research is that the books you will find may be informative, but outdated. An antique may be worth money, but an older book with appraisal information simply isn’t very valuable or accurate.

The internet is an excellent tool for research. Perform a search for the item or items on a search engine. The information you dig up will more than likely be more current and up to date information when compared to what is available in print at the local library.

Having an actual appraisal done on an item is the best way to determine an estimated value of the piece. When you decide to have an appraisal performed, it is imperative to find an appraiser with experience with the type of article or goods you want to have appraised. An expert on items similar to the one you own, will be best educated and informed. This will ensure you will receive the most accurate information.

On March 10, 2007 make a trip to Bowling Green, Ohio. The Wood County Historical Museum will be host to four appraisers. The individual appraisers will be present from 1:00 to 3:00 PM to perform appraisals. The Museum is located at 13660 County Home road in Bowling Green.

The four appraisers have over seventy years of combined experience between them. Tap into their knowledge and experience to find out if your items are trash or worth some cash.

A fee of $15 will be charged for each verbal appraisal. A maximum of two appraisals per person will be performed at this time.

For more information about the event, call 419.352.0967. It is always recommended to call ahead to confirm all details before leaving for an event.

Digging through your old and antique possessions may turn up a real treasure. You will have accomplished some spring cleaning, had some fun, and maybe turn up some valuable items in the process. Who knows what goods are worth some serious cash. Maybe you already have your items picked out, but if not, start dusting off those goodies in the attic.

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