How to Make a Floating Bathing Suit

A parent’s number one concern when their child is around water is drowning, and for good reason. Hundreds of kids drown every year, some in their own home pools. That poses a problem. Your child can’t learn to swim if you’re always holding on to him or her, but if you don’t, they could go under in a split second. Guarantee your child’s safety this year with a floating bathing suit that you make yourself. The bathing suit is very easy and can be done whether you have a sewing machine or not.

Whether you make or purchase the bathing suit or trunks, you’ll need two sets of the same size. It’s especially easy to make the floating bathing suit if you purchase the suits, but it’s also possible to make them from scratch. You’ll also need a ‘kick board’, made for children to hold on to and kick around the pool. Instead of the kick board you can also use styrofoam or Fun Foam pieces to make the bathing suit.

After making the bathing suits or trunks, or after purchasing, position them to where one is inside of the other. Align the straps, neckline, waistline and leg hole openings with each other. It’s important that the bathing suits are aligned perfectly.

Cut the kick board pieces so that there are two ‘slabs’ of the board for the seat area and two more for the back (if it’s a girl’s suit). If you’re using Fun Foam, it’s very thin, so cut several pieces and stack them. They should be about an inch and a half thick when stacked.

Pin the suits together around the areas where you’ve placed the styrofoam or other floatation material. Stitch these areas, or use fabric glue to hold them together. Make sure the glue you use is washable.

Since a boy only wears trunks you’ll make the suit with the floatation material trapped between them, but floating trunks alone will not support the child, so you’ll have to make ‘arm floaties’ to go with the trunks. Do this by cutting bubble wrap and taping it into a circular shape for the child’s arms to slide into.

Do not use regular foam to make the floating bathing suits. Although foam will float, it will eventually soak up water and begin to sink. Never leave a child unattended in the pool, whether he or she has floatation devices or not. The floating bathing suit will keep your child from going under the water but it’s not recommended that you leave any child alone in water.

It’ll be easier for your child to learn to swim if you don’t have to hold on to him or her. With the floating bathing suit the child will become more and more confident in his ability to swim, and he’ll be safe while learning.

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