Heated Pet Beds for Your Senior Pet

Have you ever seen a heated pet bed, and thought that they were just for spoiled pets. Actually, heated pet beds are good for tired muscles, aching joints and keeping your senior animal warm.

There are three types of electric pet beds. These are mats, insert warmers and full sized beds. And this article is to teach you about them.

Heated mats

The best thing about heated mats is that they are very flexible. They are very flexible because you can just pop them under your pets bed or put it where they usually sleep in space.
Though it is not really recommended to use a heated pet mat outside unless it is certified for outdoor use, certified outdoor use at mats used to have a sign on the box. It is very dangerous if you use an indoor pet mat because there is a chance of electrocuting your pet.
When looking for a pet mat, space look for one that has a durable fabric and cord. And whenever they get wet make sure to clean and dry them properly.


A bed warmer insert can be placed inside or under any pet bed, so it is very flexible because you can turn any pet bed into a heated pet bed. Peace usually aren’t for outdoor use because they are not durable.
It is recommended to buy a bed warmer that has a temperature control device as sometimes it can overheat your pet.

Heated pet beds

These are full sized beds that are heated, these are generally the first choice for your pet as they are durable and warm. There are many types of heated beds they are sold in a variety of styles, you should not buy one by its price or looks. Depending on the size of your pet and if you are going to use it in or outdoors.

In conclusion, what kind of heated pet bed all depends on your needs for an example, if you need a pet bed for your dog outside, you would need a heater that can withstand rain, snow and sun. So the recommended heater would be a heated mat. Or if you need a pet bed for your small puppy a full heated bed would be the right choice. And for something small and portable an insert able pet bed heater, would be just right.
This concludes my new guide on heated pet beds. I hope it helps.

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