How to Save on Carpet Cleaning

During the holidays the people traffic seems to pick up for most people. This leads to many unwanted stains on the carpets. Prevention is offered here as well as cleaning , once the stain has occurred.

Preventive measures:

1. If you expect several guests, buy a new outside welcome mat for your primary entrance. These come in many styles with several uses as well. They not only clean the bottoms of the shoes, they also allow moisture to get left in them too. If you have steps into your home, consider stair mats to absorb with each elevated area. Wash off the mats each day and allow to drain in the sun as well.

2. Some bootie type slippers left at the doorway might invite a person to slip their feet into them for comfort. Slip on booties, slipper socks or the like can be a real suggestive idea.

3. Leave a plastic drain board at the entrance for boots and goulashes. A sample pair left , can tell the guests why that is left there.

4. An extra throw rug can be placed at the doorway to absorb unwanted dirt, snow and anything else you do not want on your carpets.

5. A roll of paper towels at the front door suggest a drying idea to anyone. Again, a sample pair of shoes on 2 sheets of paper towels educate when they enter the home or apartment.

6. Plastic runners can be cut to any size. These can lead people along a path allowing the shoes or boots to be more ready for the carpet after that journey. Caution people about them sometimes being a bit slippery if snow or ice are on the foot coverings.

Clean up products that provide good results:

1. Folex

2, Simple green

3. Shout ( pre laundry spray)

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