Going from Writing to Copywriting

It is a lot of fun writing articles and being published. If I can make some extra money, that’s great . It isn’t my main interest and I do not claim to be anything close to as talented as other writers. I know several of you went through college with the express purpose of learning this trade. And many of you deserve to be paid well for your writing. Consider yourself very blessed if you have the knack for writing and you know deep inside this is one of your best talents.

I like to write because it is a way to discover new worlds. Writing is like a mirror. It reflects back to you the most profound feelings that emanate from your soul. Everything you write gives you a look at your current state of being. It does not matter what subject you write about. It always provides valuable information that defines how you view the world from your experiences and beliefs. I suspect that most of us are seeking answers that are not usually found in our everyday lives. Writing gives us a way to learn more about ourselves and what we truly desire. Sometimes you can start writing words not knowing where you will end up. It is also a great way to share with the rest of the world.

Recently, I began to explore the types of writing opportunities that are available. The world of copywriting seemed to cross my research path quite often. From what I gather, other than writing that blockbuster novel, this is the place to make your mark. I then asked myself how does one learn to become a great copywriter? I started searching on the Internet for some ideas. The ads I have found all say basically the same thing. Anyone can do it. It is a simple process of learning how to string together the right words. And there are plenty of wizards out there who will show you the ropes. Everything you need to know, including all the unknown secrets. All for a fee of course.

I never realized that there were so many copywriting courses and tutorials offered on the Internet. I found hundreds and hundreds. Everyone claiming to be a top-gun expert with the latest secret information. I was surprised to discover that good copywriters can make $100,000 a year. The top writers make over $500,000. And the Internet is the media to write for. Most of the ads for copywriting courses all had similar topics in their study material. Like, you have to do such and such to be successful and don’t make this or that mistake. The income claims were all alike. Earn five, ten , or fifteen thousand dollars a month. Copywriters are in high demand. No end to the need for copywriters. You will never run out of work.

Then it hit me. I realized exactly what I was reading over and over again. Slick, polished copywriting from the top one or two percent of all copywriters. Most of these guys and gals claimed to be in that top echelon. So what I was reading was the very best copywriting crafted for the Internet. I wondered how were they making that $100,000 to $500,000 every year. Did they actually do some copywriting for company ads and the like; or were they simply selling their own courses by the thousands? That was difficult to determine. The copy was enticingly written and very persuasive.

The price ranges for all this sterling information? It ranged from $29 for Ken Evoy’s book , “Make Your Words Sell” to $12,000 for Bob Bly’s 12 month “Personal Freedom System.” But that includes 200 hours of training and personal mentoring. Also included are coaching conference calls, four weekend retreats, and numerous free-bie specials. In between these extremes are Randy Gage’s 12 month course “How to Become a Copywriting Stud” for $197. And Michael Masterson’s “Accelerated 6-Figure Copywriting Program” priced at $507. I have no experience with any copywriting courses, so I can’t say which ones might be worth the expense.

This might be an area that talented writers, such as those writing for Associated Content, could break into. It certainly appears that this is where the real money is to be made. Maybe it breaks down to Pareto Principle. It is the old 20/80 idea. The top percent of copywriters make the vast majority of the money. I might be willing to spend a few hundred dollars on a course in the future. But I am afraid that like so many other come-ons, you won’t end up learning enough with just one method. After several years and several programs, you find yourself no better off.

I admit I am tempted to learn how to be a copywriter. It seems interesting enough to give it a shot. Someone I knew a long time ago always said, “Sometimes You Gotta go for the Gusto.” I think he borrowed that “gusto” word from a beer commercial or something. But it does make sense to me. Why not save up some of my earnings from writing articles and try to expand my horizons. I may not have the talent for it, but that is what life is about. Follow a path and see where it leads. You can never go wrong following your dreams.

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